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Express Global Employment Solution for Independent IT Contractors

As an independent IT contractor / freelancer you may be interested in changing your status as an employee for a number of reasons. As an employee you have fewer legal obligations than the self-employed, let alone hidden extra benefits of employees that independent contractors may not always enjoy, such as medical insurance, retirement plans, various memberships, etc. An employee will generally do a nine-to-five job whereas an independent IT contractor will work under flex time and will need to plan carefully when fulfilling a couple of projects simultaneously. You do not have any start-up costs that an independent contractor bears and do not need to balance having little or no workload, to name just a few of the benefits.

That said, in each case you will need to weigh all the pros and cons, and think twice about what option works best for you. To make it easier for you, below we have compared working as an Independent IT Contractor vs our innovative Virtual Employee solution.

  Independent IT Contractor/Freelancer Acumen Virtual Employee Solution
Compensation for works done salary + employee benefits
Social security (pension)
Taxes your own responsibility employer’s responsibility
Umbrella or accounting/legal costs
Workload and personal income sporadic stable and predictable
Company perks (gym, car, mobile, etc.)
Medical insurance
Business trips reimbursed (or maybe)
Equipment and software (at your own expense)
Company employee retention programs
Company infrastructure usage

When you request our employment solution, we act as an Employer of Record for you and bear full responsibility for legal compliance with local legislation.  We connect you and your employer, letting both of you achieve your strategic goals. We enhance your employment opportunities, allowing you to offer your unique skills and knowledge to foreign employers. With our help, you are free from the administrative hassle, legal compliance, and are happy with your work.

Your potential employer, on the other hand, gains a competitive edge by hiring the best global talent like yourself.

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