Acumen International appeared on US TV

Acumen International’s new informative video segment appeared on US TV in Modern Business with Kevin Harrington, the original Shark from hit reality series Shark Tank. The first broadcast took place on WAXN-TV in Charlotte, NC, November 25, 2018.

In the segment Nick Ganzha, our company’s founder and CEO, talks about a new, innovative solution in global employment that can help you employ your international workforces as fast and easy as in your home country. Get to know the benefits of our Global Employer of Record solution that helps your company operate globally fast, risk-free and 100% compliantly.

April 14, 2018, Acumen International collaborated with Modern Business, a full-service production company, on producing an informative segment focusing on how our company can help you expand globally and hire international workforce without local business entities, large budgets or any other constraints limiting your growth potential.

As a guest of Modern Business, Acumen International is appearing in a 4 minute segment, airing nationwide and featuring Kevin Harrington, the host.

Debuting on WAXN-TV in Charlotte, NC, our video segment had a national airing on FOX Business Network. It will also air on other cable news networks across US well into 2019. The next broadcast will take place on CITL-TV, Lloydminster, AB, Saturday, September 7, at 9:00 AM.

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