Acumen International exhibits at CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Manchester

Acumen International has just finished exhibiting at CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017, which took place in Manchester on 8 and 9 November 2017.

CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017 is the biggest HR event in the UK joined over 4,000 HR and L&D professionals. At this exhibition HR professionals meet each year to discuss new trends in HR sphere.

As a global employment outsourcing company, Acumen International presented an innovative solution – Global Employer of Record, which allows companies to become a global player and employ international talent within days.

During those two days in Manchester, Acumen International explained companies how International PEO can help them hire international workforce, and also engage as well provide pay and benefits to their workers with 100% compliance in over 190 countries. With a Global Employer of Record solution, companies can expand globally with a light footprint, snatch up and keep the best foreign talent while benefiting from lower overseas wage standards.

In addition, the CEO – Nick Ganzha and Acumen’s team demonstrated to attendees a unique online tool – Global Payroll Calculator that we designed to help you instantly calculate the total cost of employment in any country of your choice. This Calculator helps companies to plan and budget their global expansion cost and make informed decisions about placing their global sales in more than 190 countries. Try the Global Payroll Calculator and discover the total in-country employment cost without going into local legislations and tax-reporting peculiarities by yourself.

To learn more about this presentation at the CIPD, as well as about how Acumen International can help your business become a global player, see our Solutions.

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Acumen International exhibits at CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Manchester
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