Acumen International exhibits at SHRM17 ANNUAL CONFERENCE & EXPOSITION 2017 in New Orleans

Acumen International has just finished exhibiting at SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2017, which took place in New Orleans on June 18-12. The event is the largest venue where HR professionals meet each year to discuss new trends and strategic objectives.

Apart from networking opportunities, Nick Ganzha, the CEO of Acumen International took advantage of speaking to the audience from the stage of the HR solutions theatre. The main focus of the speech was on how a Global Employer of Record can become a powerful tool for employer branding, which companies can use to win the war for the besr global talent. According to him, the speech was majorly designed to help people understand why and how a Global Employer of Record solution can help any expansion-success-driven businessmen to hire global workforce on global markets quickly and compliantly without the need to open foreign branches.

In the course of his presentation, he expounded on the precedence of not only atttracting but on retaining and engaging global talent, as well as why a global talent is becoming the main competitive advantage in today’s global market.

In addition, Nick Ganzha, demonstrated to the attendees that a Global Employer of Record solution is the tool that can help any company extend its corporate culture, company’s values to its international workforce for the company’s growth and true success. This solution helps companies eliminate employee / independent contractor misclassification risks. Nick also presented a one-of-kind online Global Payroll Calculator, which is a tool to instantly calculate the total employment cost in any of 180+ countries and make strategic decisions based on that. He shared with the audince why Shared Economy is the new business trend, why having Access to Assets instead of owning a business is currently prevailing and why companies should focus on business dvelopment instead of building own global infrastructures.

In conclusion, Nick told them to “think of Acumen International as part of the sharing economy for the Employment Industry”.

We cannot wait to hear companies we got connected to at the event testify to how their businesses have improved as a result of embracing these new ways of doing business and adding a Global Employer of Record service to their HR strategy.

To learn more about this presentation at the SHRM17 conference, as well as how Acumen International can help your business expand your culture and employer branding globally, see our Solutions.

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