Acumen International Nominated for GPA 2021 Award

We are excited to announce that Acumen International has been nominated for the GPA 2021 award for Professional Employment Organization of the Year! 

The Global Payroll Association (GPA) is a professional association for businesses in the global and in-country payroll space. The GPA provides their members with interactive training courses, comprehensive directories, webinars, podcasts and in-depth country resources. 

Each year, the GPA selects businesses from among the world’s leading payroll organizations to compete for Global Payroll Awards in 15 subcategories. Winners are announced at the annual GPA Payroll Summit. 

Last year’s event was held online, but this year’s participants will meet face-to-face in the lovely town of Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England on November 11. Team Acumen International is happy to join in!

This year’s nomination is not Acumen’s first rodeo — we were named PEO of the Year in 2020!

We are especially excited about the GPA 2021 event, because we have launched our new unique SaaS solution – Global Payroll Calculator (GPC). The GPC helps our international clients to budget and make informed decisions on their global hiring projects while easily calculating and comparing payroll and employment costs worldwide (105 countries already available, others of the 190 Acumen covers to be added shortly). 

Acumen’s GPC tool was created with our clients’ unique challenges in mind. We carefully researched the needs of our international clients and brainstormed for ways we could help them transform their global payroll processes. 

With our GPC, global businesses and international business service providers can now calculate and compare payroll and employment costs worldwide with just a few clicks.

Acumen’s Global Payroll Calculator allows to: 

  • Quickly estimate the total employment cost for both local and expatriate staff in multiple countries
  • Get detailed taxes and contributions breakdown and in-country payroll taxation notes 
  • Get quotes in seconds vs days and weeks for quotes by local providers
  • Get estimations in an easy-to-use format with a click on a button
  • Leverage user-friendly interface for stress-free planning

This innovative software tool was thoroughly tested by the Acumen team as part of our daily workflow before making it available to our global audience.

This unique Software as a Service solution puts Acumen at the cutting edge of innovation in our industry, earning us the respect and recognition of our competition and colleagues.
To learn more about Acumen International’s Global Payroll Calculator, visit our GPC web page at

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