Curious trends on the EU oil and gas HR market – women, miscommunication and remote networking

Acumen International, being a regional leader on the HR market of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, continuously studies the industry trends that develop and prevail both in this region and worldwide.

Recently Nick Ganzha, CEO of Acumen International, took part at the Annual Oil & Gas HR Forum in Vienna, Austria, that was held at the beautiful Hotel Savoyen.

The discussion topics were quite predictable for an event of the kind:

  •  tackling the big crew change;
  • mastering global workforce mobility;
  • redefining key components of HR strategy;
  • leveraging the power of collaboration.

In the course of the professionals’ discussion a number of current trends, which will set the mood of the HR market in the energy industry, emerged, and they are really noteworthy.

Firstly, the global energy industry is adopting a remote collaboration teamwork model, a special kind of enterprise organization, in which thousands of professionals build a production network, utilizing cloud technologies, video conferencing and project partnerships, because of the lack of high-profile professionals on the one hand, and relocation issues on the other. In this respect, the industry management faces discrepancies in the communication culture of the employees. For example, well-known for their restraint, English people say the word ‘interesting’, when they do not want to offend their interlocutors, meaning that it is ‘not exciting for them at all’, at the same time, their teammates assume that their colleagues from England take a genuine interest in the discussion that is going on. This miscommunication, however humorous it may seem, can distract people and needs HR professionals’ attention to be overcome.

One more curious HR trend is, in fact, sexism, but on the opposite side of the Moon, – women versus men. The energy industry, experiencing shortage of educated and loyal workforce, tries to welcome ladies as their new recruits. It is fun to watch ads, featuring equal sexes as they struggle with the elements of the Universe like Titans… Nevertheless, it is one more opportunity for employees and employers to explore.

Acumen International is the only regional HR provider in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Mongolia since 2001.

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