Acumen International to Participate in NelsonHall’s Global Employer of Record (EoR) Services Assessment

Acumen International is honored to be recognized by NelsonHall as a global PEO and EOR service provider and will be profiled in this year’s Global Employer of Record Services market study. Our briefing with the analyst firm representatives is taking place in early February 2022. Knowing that our work to transform the international PEO market continues to capture the recognition of our industry colleagues inspires us to work even harder.

NelsonHall is a highly respected research and advisory firm. Each year, NelsonHall’s analysts publish a Global Employer of Record Services report that provides a comprehensive global market analysis. NelsonHall’s 2020 report acknowledged Acumen International as a major player among Global PEO providers.

In 2021, Acumen has upped its game by creating our innovative Global Payroll Calculator (GPC), to help international businesses streamline the calculation of payroll expenses.

Our Global Payroll Calculator transforms the way the process of calculating the cost of hiring global talent is done now. Our tool enables our clients to instantly estimate the costs in 190 countries around the globe, including estimates for taxes, contributions, and payroll, for both local citizens and expatriate personnel.

In a matter of minutes, the GPC equips global businesses with essential information needed to:

  • Make informed decisions about global hiring.
  • Budget for planned global expansion.
  • Calculate and compare employment costs in 190 countries.
  • Estimate costs for both local employees and ex-pat personnel.
  • Get a detailed breakdown of mandatory in-country taxes and contributions.
  • Get accurate automated quotes in seconds, versus waiting days and weeks to receive quotes from local service providers.
  • Receive quotes for comparison of 190 countries, in a standardized user-friendly format, in a single click.

In addition to our Global Payroll Calculator, we have upgraded and enhanced our Global HR Assistant (GHRA). The GHRA is Acumen’s another innovative product that we’re elaborating to provide our clients with in-country guides and key information on HR-related legislative procedures in 190 countries.

The information provided by GHRA helps companies to reduce risks and remain compliant with local laws and regulations when hiring and terminating workers abroad.

Acumen’s team of in-country experts continually monitors local labor laws and HR regulations, keeping our global knowledge base current and up-to-date, so our clients never need to worry about compliance violations.

As the international business landscape continues to rapidly evolve, Acumen International is keeping pace with the global HR changes. We strive to remain on the cutting edge of the global employment industry, providing our clients with the highest level of professional global PEO services.

NelsonHall’s recognition of our efforts puts another feather in our cap as Acumen International moves boldly to shape the Global PEO industry of the future.

Looking forward to the February briefing!

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