Global Employer of Record is a Powerful Tool of Employer Branding to Attract and Retain Top Global Talent

Nick Ganzha, CEO at Acumen International makes a speech about the innovative way to win the war for the best global talent in the American Chamber of Commerce on the 24th of May 2017.

Today, on the 24th of May 2017, Acumen International is excited to join a team of business leaders and experts in the American Chamber of Commerce workshop.

The purpose of the workshop held in the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) was to provide a forum for discussing and sharing ideas about the different ways of attracting, engaging, motivating and retaining the best and brightest global skills.

During the course of the event, Nick spoke about an innovative Global Employer of Record solution, which can help companies easily attract top global workforce by building an identifiable employer brand and expanding their unique corporate culture to current and prospect global workforce.

Nick emphasized the core benefits of an Employer of Record solution, such as:

  • Global HR compliance. There’s no employment risks or costly misclassification penalties, and no need to learn numerous in-country legislations
  • Time saving. Speed is the new big
  • Cost-saving. There’s no need to set up your own costly infrastructures and foreign branches, and no need for big budgets. You only invest in core personnel
  • Transparency – a single contract for all global markets
  • Convenience – one point of contact and unified reporting standards for all global markets
  • Mitigated risks – country risks, employment risks, currency exchange risks
  • Independence – companies don’t have to be dependent on their local dealers/distributors/service agents. Now you can have your own dedicated workforce reporting directly to you

We are looking forward to having more of this event and to meet with such a unique band of motivated, unconventional, dynamic and resourceful business people in future.

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