Nick Ganzha reveals Acumen`s way of doing global business in Global Radio Talk Show

Acumen International’s CEO and Founder Nick Ganzha gave an interview to Edwin B Cohen, the Host of Global Radio Talk Show based in San Diego, California.

In the interview Nick Ganzha presents Acumen International as a Global Employer Of Record company covering 190 countries worldwide and helping your company operate globally fast, risk-free and 100% compliantly.

Watch our video below to find out how Acumen’s solid  Global Employment  solutions can help you  recruit  and  employ, provide  benefits, handle  business expenses  and support your  global workforce  while remaining 100%  compliant  with numerous in-country  legislations.

“Compliance is number one issue, – Nick mentions. – That’s why we do our best to make sure that our clients are happy and we provide fully compliant global employment solutions. We make sure their employees are payrolled and receive all the benefits needed in accordance with local legislations”.

Nick shares the secrets of “Acumen’s way” of doing global business and tells how Acumen International, once a local staffing agency, has turned into a global company operating worldwide:

My personal dream was to build a global company, – he mentions. – Now helping other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams to become global I am fulfilling my OWN DREAM.

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