Acumen International’s response to the Russian military invasion and war against Ukraine!


Dear partners and clients, we officially inform you that we cease all operations in Russia and Belarus due to the devastating war Russia started against Ukraine this year on February 24th.

Here are the steps we are taking now.

We are terminating all projects with the clients’ employees in Russia and Belarus. All is done in accordance with local legislation to ensure employees’ rights are protected. We do not want to support Russia and Belarus’ governments with not one penny being paid to those countries.

At the same time, we are helping Ukrainian and international companies to retain their talent who flew to Europe to enable them to continue their operations as usual, no matter where the workers had to settle down. We are helping both our clients and their employees with relocation and compliant PEO employment all over Europe.

We are arranging fast compliant local payroll in the European countries where the Ukrainian nationals have flown after leaving Ukraine.

If you have workers in Ukraine that have fled to or are planning to leave to European countries or any other country in the world, and you want to keep and engage them in a fast and compliant manner, please contact us for help with a fast solution to employ your displaced employees.

All these actions fully reflect our company’s policy and values of our care and support for the Ukrainian people, our clients, and European neighbors and partners.

Acumen International company is doing our best to support our Ukrainian employees and their families and help all those affected by the conflict with donations and what’s within our powers!

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