Acumen International to Support Businesses Engaging Ukrainian Workforce

With Ukraine attacked by its Russian aggressor, millions of Ukrainian citizens and their families fled to neighboring countries for support and sanctuary. The EU has agreed to offer temporary protection and assistance to millions of Ukrainians expected to arrive at its borders in an unprecedented move.

On Wednesday, March 3, 2022, the European Commission (EC) plans to waive regular asylum seekers’ standard application procedures. The program will provide Ukrainian refugees with temporary residence permits and access to employment, education, health care, and social benefits. The EC’s Temporary Protection Directive is valid for one year, with the option for an extension if necessary.

Ukrainian refugees are already pouring over the borders of neighboring EU nations, including Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova. The number of refugees has already exceeded one million, with the EC anticipating three to six million more. While some Ukrainian refugees are likely to remain in bordering countries, many are expected to move to other EU nations.

If your international or Ukrainian company’s workforce has been displaced by the Russian invasion, Acumen International’s global employment solutions can help. Our Express Global Employment and Global EOR solutions support international employers by legal and fully compliant onboarding and payrolling your global workforce in the EU and other 190 countries we cover on your behalf in a matter of days.

Acumen’s regular and interim global employment solutions help you avoid workflow disruptions and project delays while making it possible to legally engage your skilled and trusted Ukrainian professionals in Europe and beyond.

Contact Acumen International today to learn how we can facilitate a smooth transition for your Ukrainian team to the EU.

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