Welcome Walter Wilde, our new Business Development Manager in the USA and Latin America Region

Due to the growth of Acumen International, we are happy to welcome our new team member Walter Wilde. Below we cite some of the answers from our interview with Walter.

Walter, can you tell us about your background?

Professionally, I have 20 years of experience working with companies in the USA, Mexico and Central America, mostly in the manufacturing industry. The experience I obtained through all those years, allowed me to grow and learn from the best as I have successfully led numerous business development strategies with exceptional results which, amongst other rewards, have given me the opportunity to collaborate and work with teams conformed by people of different nationalities from which I always learned something new, giving me a strong reason to love working with international teams.

On the personal side, I was born and raised in Mexico City from a family with German roots, so my upbringing was incredibly fun, open, communicative and defined by respect, commitment, discipline, loyalty and a strong love for dogs and cars.

What do you think can be your greatest contribution to Acumen International? How do your experience and expertise align with the objectives that our company strives to achieve?

I believe that one of my greatest contributions to Acumen International will be the continuous work to connect people in the Americas and the Globe, I believe we all have so many cultural things to share that each one of us can learn from the other so it does not only becomes about the contractual factor of finding another employee or employer, but the whole process brings to the table the amazing growth that someone involved in international exchange can obtain through cooperation with people from other cultures.

Acumen International strives to achieve a full rewarding experience for all the parties involved, we are not just a company that provides employment solutions, we are a team fully committed to provide the most outstanding service to connect professional talented people with thriving companies which both deserve the same respect, care and commitment in which they were and are developed. My experience has shown me that the traditional recruiting approach is insufficient in today’s market as we need to respond smarter and faster always adapting our resources to the needs of each one of our customers and my expertise has given me the sufficient tools to locate, identify, and select high profile partners and people with extraordinary potential that naturally continue with a positive and full growth.

What kind of job were you looking for? What attracted you most in our vacancy of a Business Development Lead in Central America?

I have worked in the traditional office environment for many years, as well as spending 80% of my time in the field visiting customers where my trip companions were a laptop, a cellphone and a portable printer, only arriving home to get some new clothes and head back to the road. As exhausting as this was, I loved it! But things change when you become more experienced (older) and get married (wiser) and have kids (tired) so for my part, I started looking for companies in a different way, not only focusing on the economic benefits but paying closer attention to the companies that were more inclined to care for the human aspect involved in a working environment.

I was also looking for a job that continuously challenged me to improve and grow, I am fascinated by the idea of a project that enables you to learn something new every day, meet people from around the Globe and that also gives you the opportunity to work at your own pace, but always having in mind the clear view of the common goals and objectives.

As I previously stated, I have developed my professional career in this region, so I find it familiar and I can easily adjust to the working ways of both Latin Americans and North Americans, being part of that close cooperation has resulted very fruitful for me and for the people that has been under my wing.

Are you excited to work with Acumen International, why?

I am thrilled, because it not only gives me what I was looking for, but it also opens up a new challenging Chapter of my professional career, I will be immerse in a world I was not aware it was already up and running. I will have to adapt and adjust to the new demands of the market and learn as fast and as much as I can in a short period of time as I will assist my customers to achieve and accelerate their international goals with local expertise, which in hand provides low administrative costs, speeds up the process and of course, guarantees quality of the service provided.

The other exciting part of becoming part of Acumen International’s global team is that my customers won’t have to face the challenges or the need to establish a legal entity in the countries where they wish to present their goods/services or hire employees, I will take care of everything even preventing potential flaws or misinterpretations caused by a language barrier as I am fluent in both Spanish and English. Hopefully, my work here for Acumen International will enable our potential customers in the Latin and North American region access the extensive global talent pool and hire them around the world with our help.

What are your first priorities?

My first priority is to graduate with honors from the Acumen Induction Program in order to provide the best service to my customers with precise and on time information regarding their needs and requests, and in hand, achieving successful business partnerships in the region that will benefit my customers’ international growth hence Acumen International scope.

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