So, Your Client Has Decided to Expand Business Overseas…

Whether you’ve just signed a brand new international client, or a client you already serve in your home country is going global, you may be wondering what’s next.

Acumen International has the one-stop-shop
solution you’re looking for.

Sign a Single Global Agreement and Start Hiring Internationally

Imagine if a corporation like Uber or Facebook sought your help in hiring or engaging talent in a foreign country. Would you risk losing their business because you didn’t have the ability to serve their global employment needs?

With Acumen International, sign just one global agreement and start letting your clients employ everyone they need, no matter where they are in the world. Best of all? It’s quick, risk-free, and without entity setup.

Grow Where Your Clients Grow

If you’re overwhelmed with the idea that you need global HR knowledge and expertise for multiple countries around the world in addition to your own, don’t worry. Acumen International has already done the work for you, and our global team of experts in 190 countries is available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

Help Your Client Expand Globally with Acumen International as Your #1 Trusted Global Partner with Hyper-Local Expertise

When you choose Acumen, you benefit from the support of our highly knowledgeable global teams who are always up to date on the latest laws and regulations in the 190 countries we serve

Hire Based on Skills…
Not Geography
Better Serve Your
International Clients
Hire a Global Workforce on Your Client’s Behalf

Guide Your Clients Through Global Expansion

Help your clients expand globally while mitigating non-compliance risks
Streamline your client’s global hiring process by working with a single global PEO provider
Leverage Acumen’s global network and hyper-local expertise in 190 countries to fulfill projects for your clients
Benefit from our extensive incountry expertise without having to study all of the details yourself
Minimize client dissatisfaction which can ruin your brand and retain satisfied clients by fully meeting their needs
Increase your business revenue

Acumen International is your global HR department extension.
Partner with us and add value to your clients in multiple ways, including:

Help Your Client Expand Globally with Acumen International as Your #1 Trusted Global Partner with Hyper-Local Expertise

Operating in 190 Countries

How We Work With Your Global Clients in Four Easy Steps

Need to hire an employee for your clients quickly? Work with Acumen to get ahead of the global competition;
we’ll utilize our insider global knowledge to help you get ahead overnight.

We onboard the client in Acumen’s “express” mode
Your client grows in 190 countries and so do you
Your client selects a candidate they need
We ensure compliance, shouldering potential risks

Why Acumen International?

According to our internal research, client companies like yours increased client retention up to 35.7% with our one-stop-shop global PEO solution.
When compared to entity establishment, international PEO saves companies up to 60% in overseas setup and maintenance costs.
On the domestic level, according to NAPEO, businesses that outsource their HR services to a PEO have an annual return on investment of 27.2% in cost savings alone.
Imagine the savings you can provide your clients on a global scale by freeing them from:
The need to find multiple vendors for insurance, car leases, etc.
Signing agreements in various foreign languages
Seeking legal consultations on compliance and business risks

Acumen’s International PEO is a one-stop-shop solution for global talent employment and benefits provision. It helps you provide your clients with a full range of global employee benefits in addition to employment and international global payroll, including

Medical insurance
Payroll cards with international banks
Expense reimbursements
Business trip processing
Expatriate postimmigration support

Acumen International is Your International PEO Solution

Preserving your level of services Providing greater value to your clients starts with choosing the right
international PEO solution – Acumen International. For help managing your clients’ HR needs now, click the
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