Use Acumen's Solutions to employ & retain a global workforce, payroll & provide them with benefits all in full legal compliance with local laws

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We at Acumen International are dedicated to helping you employ talent all over the world based on skills, not on geography. We have developed a tailored one-window solution to help you convert your existing independent contractors into employees, onboard and manage dispersed personnel in over 190 countries and retain the key global talent after you have attracted them to work for your company.
Express Global Employment
Talent Aquisition&Global Employment
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International PEO and Payroll
10x your global sales without financial and business risks
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Global Employer of Record
Employ and payroll foreign workforce with 100% compliance
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Foreign Employee Benefits Provision
Attract new&retain
existing talent
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Expats Post-Immigration Employment
Employ top talent based on skills, not on georgraphy
Work Permit and compliance
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New Market
Enter new market without company set up.
In days!
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Employ and Retain you Workforce in 190 countries
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What Our Clients are Saying
I always found Acumen International very supportive, professional and helpful. They pay salary on time and are always ready to sort out any issues that arise. I must admit I truly enjoy my time as an Acumen International employee and...
Andrew Yanchurevich, COO MSQRD
I met with Acumen 4 years ago. We worked with them in Ukraine for our payroll operations. They explained salary calculations, and national legislation very clearly. They send payrolls on time and carefully. I would like to thank them for...
Deniz YILMAZ, Payroll and Personnel Affairs Specialist
We engaged the services of Acumen International, Express Global Employment solutions back in March 2017 to employ one of our employees in Canada. They were outstanding to work with in every regard including extremely responsive, easy to work with, very...
Sue Anguiano, Human Resources Director
It is a great pleasure for me to recommend the services of company Acumen International. We have been cooperating with Acumen International since January 2012 and before that through our sister company since 2010. During more than 6 years of...
Jiri Mittner, Managing Director of Uniqa│sTech
Knauf Insulation would like to thank Acumen International team and its general director and business development director Nick Ganzha in particular for their flexibility and customer-oriented approach in helping us solve our global HR issues.
Alexander Gavrish, General Director of Knauf Insulation
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