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What Is Express Global Employment?

Our PEO company offers Express Global Employment (EGE) solutions to help businesses quickly onboard their foreign employees when the need is urgent. Our global employment organization provides solutions that are a perfect fit for businesses liquidating their legal entities but wishing to retain a local presence and keep their local talent. It is also an excellent global PEO solution for companies going through mergers and acquisitions, or who want to compliantly convert their independent contractors to employees while hiring internationally.

We can onboard your foreign talent within 72 hours, regardless of the number of employees or how many countries they are located in.

Our Express Global Employment solution is a global employee leasing and payroll outsourcing service that employs local citizens for you in time-critical situations when you need new hires on the spot.

Your global employees begin working for you immediately while our international PEO employs them compliantly within days, on your behalf. You only need to select the best candidate, anywhere in the world, and we do the rest!

How Express Global Employment Works

EGE provides a compliant immediate hiring solution for businesses establishing a new legal entity, which can take months. EGE provides an interim solution while you get set up. Within a few days we can onboard your new employees, so you can start operating right away.  

EGE also meets the needs of businesses in liquidation who want to transfer their current employees to an international PEO. You can operate in any country without the cost of setting up a legal entity. Express Global Employment offers a flexible innovative alternative to conventional business expansion. 

Are you opening new entities?

When opening new legal entities overseas, Express Global Employment (known as global PEO) is an interim solution allowing you to immediately hire your employees compliantly.

Are you closing your company?

Use Express Global Employment, also known as global PEO to leave the country without bearing liquidation costs or retain in-country presence without own business entity.

Global Employment Services

Providing you with our Global PEO and Payroll service, we do for you the following:
Preparation of mandatory documents
Registration of employees with local labor entities
Compliant employee onboarding and offboarding
Management of local payroll: tax filing, pay slip management, monthly salary disbursement
Provision of employee benefits
Immigration and work permit support for expat employees, post-immigration

In addition to our core Express Global Employment solution, we also provide full business support with:

  • Car leasing;

  • Office / showroom rent;

  • Equipment provision (notebook, mobile, etc.);

  • Secretarial services;

  • Business trips;

  • Business expenses;

  • Medical insurance;

  • Administartion of business trips

What’s in it for You
Our Express Global Employment solution helps you quickly onboard local employees, to get your business up and running in days. We help your business to quickly establish a presence in 190 countries worldwide while sidestepping local restrictions and bureaucratic red tape that can cost your company time and money.
Speed to Market
72 -hour onboarding. Express Interim solution before, during or without company set up
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Streamlined Global Reach
190 countries
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100% Compliance
Regular legislative updates on the countries of our coverage.
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One stop shop solution
Single Service Agreement to employ or terminate any employee number, provide benefits based on your business needs
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Financial&Legal Security
Working with our UK based company, you are fully protected by the UK legislation
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Employ your candidates in 190 Countries
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