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The main tradeoffs usually made when weighing between different market entry modes are cost, speed, security, and control. Some modes help minimize outlay costs and risks but leave low or no control. Other modes with higher accountability turn out to be less cost-effective.

Below we have compared traditional market entry modes – operating through a commission-based contractor (agent) or hiring a salaried employee on a registered foreign entity – with our innovative global PEO solution. This solution is becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to expand into foreign markets without their own entity registration. The solution is a good fit for multi-site projects when the company’s salesforce is dispersed in different countries of the world. It can also help companies gain a footprint in the country before their own entity set-up when they cannot delay the operations start date.

Our innovative Express Global Employment (EGE) is a PEO solution designed to help businesses start operations in literally any foreign market or markets within only 72 hours. The service can help companies of all sizes, often with limited resources, get equal opportunities to compete with larger companies while pushing their products in the global marketplace. 

Acting as a legal employer on your behalf, we would legally onboard your sales force in the target locations and arrange monthly payroll for them. Also, we can process business expenses and provide employee benefits like cars, mobile phones, laptops and Internet, housing, and others. 

If you have already chosen the candidates to represent your company overseas, the comparison below will help you choose the best way of hiring them without having to compromise between compliance, speed, and control. Check the table below:

The 4 methods of hiring international workforce

  Independent Contractor/Agent Hiring Through Local Provider Hiring On Own Entity Our Solution
No Employment Risk
Single Point of Contact
Legal Compliance
Financial&Business Security
Employee Retention

With our global employment solutions, you get the flexibility to engage international talent in any number of countries with no need to set up your own foreign subsidiaries there. We ensure full legal compliance for you. 

IT companies succeed in converting existing contractors into employees

As the IT industry largely depends on unique skills and expertise, more and more IT companies are hiring talent internationally. To help you engage and reward your international IT talent with 100% compliance regardless of their location, we have designed an innovative Express Global Employment (EGE) solution.

With its help, many companies have already benefited from choosing the employment or employer-employee relations versus conventional freelancing/contracting. See what they are saying.

Express Global Employment solution gives IT companies like yours a strong advantage in the fight for top global IT talent. By offering stability and statutory benefits of the official employment, you can win high-profile IT contractors/freelancers that are looking to change their status to employees. With employees enjoying a stable workload and working on ambitious projects they might have never had as freelancers, companies gain maximum employee engagement and loyalty. With no need to look for new projects all the time, employed programmers stay with one company longer, leading to lower staff turnover. In addition, you get protected from any employee-independent contractor misclassification risks and unexpected costs too when using our PEO solution. 

If you have not found the candidates yet, we can help you to recruit international IT talent with subsequent employment in any country of the world. 

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