Acumen to Streamline Client’s Expansion by Meeting Their Multi-Site Global Hiring Needs in Thailand, Australia and Peru

International enterprises doing business in multiple countries often face the challenge of needing to quickly take on new hires to meet operational demands. If you are an agency serving numerous international clients in multiple markets, the challenge gets even greater.

A local staffing agency may seem like the obvious solution if you are not yet incorporated in the country. But if your goals are to expand to multiple markets in the future, dealing with a separate agency in each country can be time-consuming and costly. 

Moreover, if you have urgent hiring needs, going through a local employment agency is not a viable solution. Every time you enter a new market, you will have to find a reliable agency, negotiate service fees, draft a new contract, and arrange for payment in the local currency, to say nothing about checking the company’s trustworthiness by yourself, language and other barriers that may arise. Weeks may elapse before you are ready to onboard your first candidate. 

Acumen International has a better solution. 

Our global PEO service is designed to meet the HR needs of companies like yours who need to quickly and compliantly hire and onboard a global workforce in multiple countries. Unlike a local staffing agency, Acumen provides complex global employment solutions for international businesses in 190 countries worldwide. Partnering with Acumen is like having multiple local agencies in your back pocket. 

Learn how we helped our client to rapidly employ their selected local talent in three countries, on three separate continents, on their behalf.

Our Client

Our client is a Canadian-based agricultural company that was in search of a local service provider in Thailand to help quickly meet their hiring needs there. The company was in the process of global expansion but had not yet established a legal business entity in Thailand. They had already selected a local candidate, but needed help to compliantly onboard their new employee and provide him with mandatory benefits.

In addition to its Thailand project, the client had plans to expand their operations to Peru and Australia. In essence, they needed to hire a global workforce in three different countries, on three separate continents, without having established a legal in-country business entity.

At the time, the client was unaware of Acumen’s services for global employment and payroll, and they were looking for local staffing agencies in the countries where they intended to expand. Little did they know that a global one-stop-shop solution already existed that could save them time and money, and dramatically streamline the onboarding process in all three countries.

The Challenge

Our client was ready to implement their plans for global expansion to Thailand and needed professional help to compliantly onboard their Thai workforce. But Thailand’s restrictive labor laws coupled with cultural and language barriers made it a challenge to quickly meet local employment requirements without risking compliance violations. Acumen International quickly stepped in to relieve the pressure our client was facing. We were able to compliantly hire and onboard the employee on the client’s behalf in a matter of days.

When similar urgent hiring needs arose for two more countries, Australia and Peru, the client didn’t hesitate to contact the Acumen team. They knew that they could count on Acumen to help expedite their global expansion via employing their selected candidates fast and risk-free. 

Acumen International’s Express Global Employment  (EGE) solution is designed to help global employers quickly and compliantly onboard local talent in a matter of days. EGE offers the perfect solution for meeting your urgent global hiring needs in 190 countries worldwide. 

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The Solution

Our client was relieved to learn about Acumen’s Express Global Employment solution to meet their urgent global hiring needs. We were able to compliantly onboard the Thailand employee in a matter of days, streamlining the entire process so our client could proceed with their business operations without disruption. 

Not only does our express solution expedite the hiring process, but it offers a one-stop-shop solution for businesses operating in multiple countries, with a single global service agreement and a single monthly invoice. Our English-speaking team of global employment specialists takes the guesswork out of engaging global talent on your company’s behalf, in full compliance with local labor laws. 

Over the following three months, the same client requested our services for hiring and payrolling talent in Australia and Peru. Once again, Acumen’s EGE solution expedited the onboarding process in both countries. In addition, Acumen International was able to reduce the client’s total monthly invoice amount for each country, saving them money while streamlining their HR processes.

Partnering with Acumen as a single Global PEO provider vs engaging multiple local staffing agencies in different countries was a win-win for our client. They were able to expedite their global expansion while dramatically reducing their costs and lowering their risks of compliance violations.

What Acumen’s Express Global Employment Solution Provided

Our client was able to successfully leverage Acumen’s EGE solution to compliantly onboard their chosen job candidates in Thailand, Australia and Peru, eliminating the need to go through local staffing agencies or navigate the complexities of legal compliance requirements on their own. 

Thanks to our innovative EGE solution, our global employment experts were able to: 

  • Prepare all mandatory documents in a matter of days
  • Facilitate the signing of employment agreements in three countries
  • Tailor the onboarding process to meet the client’s urgent global hiring needs
  • Compliantly enable the chosen candidates to begin work in the shortest time possible

! Please note: Acumen’s Express Global Employment solution helps companies like yours to quickly onboard local employees, to get your business up and running in days. However, expatriate onboarding takes longer due to immigration requirements.  

The Final Outcome

Our client was more than satisfied with Acumen’s solutions for quick and compliant employee onboarding in Thailand. They were impressed with our global employment specialists’ professionalism and high service level, and the ease of hiring employees in multiple countries with Acumen’s one-stop-shop solution. 

Once their project got off the ground in Thailand, the client quickly engaged Acumen for assistance with employment in Australia and Peru. We were able to provide them with our EGE solution for all three countries, with a single global service agreement and a single point of contact.  

As our client prepares for future expansion into new countries, their partnership with Acumen ensures that talent acquisition and onboarding will pose minimal risks and challenges in 190 countries across the globe.

Acumen International, Your One-Stop-Shop Global HR Partner

Expanding globally is a bold undertaking for any business. Venturing into unknown territories with diverse cultures, unfamiliar languages and complicated employment laws can be both challenging and risky. 

Acumen International has been recognized by our peers as the best global PEO provider for international businesses. When you partner with Acumen, you can rest assured that your global workforce meets legal compliance requirements in 190 countries. Sign a single service agreement and receive a single monthly invoice, no matter the number of countries your business takes you to out of 190 that we cover. 

Contact our expert global employment team today to request a quote, and learn why Acumen is one of the world’s best international PEO providers. Partnering with Acumen International can help you grow globally, with minimal risks and challenges along the way.

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