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Message from Founder and CEO

Nick Ganzha


I remember very vividly the moment when my company, at the time a local staffing agency, started gaining experience in overseas employment. The entire Acumen team and I were more than eager to help our client, and we quickly discovered a completely new opportunity to form a new industry. This experience became the foundation of our mission to provide first-rate global employment services. My personal dream was to build a global company. Now, by helping other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams to expand globally, I am fulfilling my dream.”

If you aspire to become a global player and need global talents to help you achieve your international goals, you have come to the right place. 

Whether you are a large corporation with your own foreign subsidiaries, a small business only planning to expand, or a recruiting or staffing agency specializing in recruiting personnel for companies in various industries, our solution can help you achieve the most ambitious goals. Be it local support for your international clients, global talent acquisition, or global expansion that you are looking to achieve, we are your trusted partner and get you covered.

Acumen International helps companies overcome challenges related to their global expansion and do international business fastest and most cost-effectively. We have helped many clients expand globally by employing a global professional workforce instead of building their own global infrastructure.

I know the challenges you face when expanding globally because my personal dream was always to build a global company. And I’d like my story of how that happened to help you make informed decisions and confident steps in the same way.

I began my career and gained business experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers. Later I joined Accenture, a global consulting company, where I worked for over five years in the United Kingdom.

My Background

I’ve always been an avid student of marketing. I’m continually learning and constantly innovating Acumen International’s services and products portfolio. Acumen International has a proven track record of serving clients in the most professional and productive ways possible.

We pioneered our Express Global Employment service exactly to meet our client's urgent global hiring needs in 190 countries. With this solution, we can onboard clients’ globally distributed personnel in just 72 hours anywhere in the world. Our solution helps you instantly employ a skilled international workforce to support your exporting activity or help you fulfill more international projects and gain more profit. With the Express Global Employment solution, you can fully capitalize on the benefits of a shared economy and use our company’s global resources and local expertise. We help you overcome the challenges of finding, acquiring, and maintaining an international workforce. Expanding globally and engaging the best international talent to accelerate your success is easy, fast, and risk-free.

In the year 2020, we branded our Express Global Employment service as a perfect vehicle for companies transitioning to new and innovative ways of doing business on a global scale with minimal risk. We are kicking off 2021 with our new website and brand identity reflecting Acumen’s innovative “express” approach to serving our clients across the globe.

Please explore our platform to learn the many benefits of our solution and see why Express Global Employment lives up to its name as a high-speed solution exactly for your company’s urgent global hiring needs. 

5 Benefits of Our Global Employment Solutions

1. Speed

Express quotes. Expedited quotes for your time-sensitive projects in multiple countries within 24 hours.

Speedy onboarding services. As a pioneer of the Express Global Employment solution, we can officially onboard employees in as little as 72 hours to meet your company’s immediate employment needs.

Depending on the complexity, it normally takes about 30 to 90 days, or even longer, to get established in a foreign country. We know that time is money, and your time is very valuable. We save you time. With our Express Global Employment solution, you can enter any foreign market immediately.

2. Equal Opportunity

With our solution, size no longer matters. Neither does the budget. Companies of all sizes can now afford to enter new markets and gain a unique competitive advantage.

3. Low Cost

We save you money freeing you from unnecessary legal and accounting fees or foreign subsidiary setup costs. We provide you with the most cost-effective solution to enter the global market.

4. Business on your terms. Reduced risks

As we employ your workforce on your behalf, we reduce your employment risks. This way, we unleash your business growth potential and allow you to do your business on your own terms.

We highly welcome an opportunity to work with you and help you become a successful global company.

5. Control

You exercise much more control over employees than contractors or freelancers. Though your workforce is employed by us, they know that this solution is only used as a vehicle to employ them in the country where you don’t have a subsidiary. With this model, you receive full control over your workforce. You set your goals and control your performance.

See the full list of our 25 benefits here.

We highly welcome an opportunity to work with you and help you become a successful global company.

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