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Employ Candidates Compliantly in Algeria

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  1. Overview: Algeria
  2. Visa, work permit & immigration support
  3. Global PEO and payroll
  4. Global HR Compliance
  5. Expand without a company set up
  6. Contractor vs. employee: which is better?
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Visa, Work Permit & Immigration Support in Algeria

With the rapid development of advanced communication technologies, companies worldwide strive to expand their operations across the borders. Global mobility becomes a trending topic so that management considering relocation as the measure for talent development and operational reach. If you follow up on the tendency and tend to employ your expat in Algeria, Acumen’s special solution for work permit sponsorship and immigration support is the way to succeed.

We are the forerunners of the global employment industry, providing high-end relocation services in 190+ countries. With Acumen International, your expatriate personnel employment in Algeria will flow smoothly with no signs of disruption. Our team of dedicated professionals to take care of visa issuing and immigration concerns so you to fix your attention on the profit-generating business goals.

Acumen international ensures compliance with labor laws, as well as the immigration code when employing foreigners in Algeria on your behalf. Use our work permit sponsorship and immigration support solution to complete the following business ventures:

  1. For the long-term expat employment in full compliance with local regulation laws
  2. As a special solution prior to establishing a legal entity in Algeria

Solution for Global Mobility of  Foreign and Local Talent in Algeria

Our company’s profile is dedicated to the best employment practices. As an experienced global partner, Acumen International managed to assist companies of different sizes and sectors to submit their first steps in international expansion. We make companies grow fast without risk of takedown during the initial global integration stage.

Improve your relocation experience with a trusted international partner. The work permit sponsorship and immigration support solutions designed to be tailored specifically to your global mobility needs. Hire expatriates within international markets of 190+ jurisdictions compliantly and risk-free. With our expertise in global immigration support, we put forward a plethora of international projects offering a comprehensive expansion solution.

Work Permit in Algeria: Estimated Time for Securing

Typically, the procedure of work permit issuance in Algeria takes from 1 to 3 months until entry to Algeria, depending on the work permit type (Standard/For general manager).

How to Get a Work Permit in Algeria

  1. Global Agreement in Principle Application
  2. Temporary Work Authorisation Application
  3. Work Visa Application
  4. Entry to Algeria
  5. Work Permit Application
  6. Residence Permit Application

Work Permit Requirements in Algeria

Name Notes
Valid travel document Original and Scanned copy of the first page
Completed Application Form Two copies
2 Passport Photographs 3.5cm x 4.5cm 3.5cm x 4.5cm, in color, face front, no hat, glasses.
Temporary Work Authorization (APT) Delivered by the services in charge of employment in Algeria
Highest Educational Certificate with Legalisation Two certified and legalized copies
Resume/CV Proof of relevant professional experience and education
Passport valid for 6 months minimum Minimum 2 blank pages
Copy of validated visa page A clear copy of the passport page with the granted visa and entry stamp to Algeria
Residence permit application form Completed and signed at the police station
Medical Certificate Issued by an Algerian doctor confirming good health and giving results of chest x-ray and blood tests (blood tests are not required in all jurisdictions). Vaccination, if required.
Consular Registration Proof of registration at the consulate representing the applicant’s country of nationality is required
Proof of Accommodation in Algeria Legalized invitation letter or accommodation certificate
A copy of the signed employment contract One copy
Employer letter Stating job position and employer’s obligation to cover all living expenses until the contract expiration

Acumen Global Employer of Record Solution with Immigration Support in Algeria

If you need to have your expat personnel legally work for you in Algeria without setting up your own business entity for that, trust us to assist you with work permit and immigration support, and then employ your expats locally on your behalf.

Contact our team to let us take up your foreign employees’ immigration matters and relieve you of the responsibility of getting work permit by working with our local partners to organize and obtain all the necessary permits, as well as provide you with a detailed update on the progress of the process.

Contact us for more details about how you can get a work permit for your expatriate staff and employ them through Acumen International in Algeria.

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