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Global Employer of Record (EOR) in the Philippines

Global employment services

Conducting business operations in the Philippines can pose multiple challenges for international companies hoping to expand there. Acumen International provides a global employment solution for businesses like yours via our Global Employer of Record (EOR) in the Philippines, to alleviate HR compliance risks and help you surmount any potential obstacles to your company’s global expansion.

Share your project details with us here, and we will be happy to employ your selected international workforce on your behalf in the Philippines, in a fast and cost-effective way.

Spotlight on the Philippines

  • Location: The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago of over 7000 islands located in Southeast Asia. The country shares maritime borders with Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and China.
  • Capital: The city of Manilla, capital of the Philippines, is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.
  • Population: As of 2020, the population of the Philippines was around 109,000,000, making it the 12th most populous nation in the world. About 43% of the population is under age 20, making the Philippines population among the youngest in the world.
  • Language: The official languages of the Philippine Republic are Filipino and English. Filipino, a version of Tagalog, is mostly spoken in Manilla. Both languages are used in business and government, making the Philippines an ideal location in Southeast Asia for English-speaking enterprises.
  • Labor Force: The labor force in the Philippines is currently estimated to be around 44 million.
  • Currency: The official currency of the Philippines is the peso (PHP), currently worth about 0.02 USD. Filipino workers are paid in PHP.
  • Minimum Wage: The minimum wage in the Philippines varies by region, and is set by regional wage boards. The current average annual minimum wage is $2,053 USD, ranking the Philippines 75th out of 197 nations globally. Failure of businesses to comply with minimum wage standards can result in severe penalties.
  • World Bank Ease of Doing Business Rating: The most recent Ease of Doing Business Report ranks the Philippines at 95th out of 190 global economies.
  • Global Marketplace Position: Since 2012, the Philippines has had one of the world’s fastest growing economies, with a projected 2021 GDP of more than one trillion dollars, which will elevate the country’s position to 27th in the world.
  • Developing Industries: The most promising growth industries in the Philippines are manufacturing, mining and mineral processing, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, electronics, and semiconductors.
  • Prime Trading Partners: The main trading partners of the Philippines Republic are the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Germany, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Employ your Selected Workforce via Acumen Employer of Record (EOR) in the Philippines

As an Employer of Record services provider, Acumen International helps businesses to legally engage and pay their selected highly skilled professionals in the Philippines. Businesses looking to hire locally should carefully consider offering competitive salaries, to acquire and retain top local talent.

As a global employment organization, we serve both end employers and service companies representing international clients.

With Acumen’s Global employment services, we provide our clients with professional assistance to meet their global HR needs, such as:

  • global talent acquisition and retention
  • global expansion, to help you quickly enter new global markets without legal and HR compliance risks
  • local support for international clients and their expat employees

Acumen’s Employer of Record (EOR) in the Philippines offers an efficient and inexpensive alternative to direct hiring. Our solution gives companies the opportunity to operate in the country, and in 190 international markets where we serve our clients, without registering as a local business entity.

Acumen International offers a global PEO and payroll solution to take care of all the details of payroll while ensuring full compliance with in-country labor and taxation laws. To get more information about Acumen’s Global PEO and payroll service in the Philippines click here.

Legally onboard and payroll your employees in the Philippines with Acumen’s global employment solution

In developing countries, local legislation is constantly evolving, challenging international companies to keep pace with legal updates. Acumen’s solid global employment solution helps businesses overcome these challenges by hiring and compensating your local and expat workforce in the Philippines on your behalf, in a risk-free and cost-effective manner.

Acumen’s Global Employer of Record (EOR) was designed to help international companies like yours expand your international reach and engage the brightest global talent for your projects.

If you are looking to reinforce your internal team with the expertise of Philippines-based global talent, or if you have already selected a local candidate to work for you remotely from the Philippines in full legal compliance, our global employment solution is a great choice for you.

In addition to legally onboarding local citizens, we are able to organize work permits and business visa sponsorship for your expatriate team via our Employer of Record, and employ them on your behalf, once legal permissions have been attained.

Partner with Acumen International, and let us help you handle your global employment and HR needs. With Acumen, you can rest assured that all legal requirements are met for compliant hiring and compensating of your local and expatriate employees in the Philippines, and in 190 countries worldwide where we serve our international clients.

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