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Global Employer of Record in Brazil

Brazil’s close proximity to the US, its English-speaking populace, its deep-water harbor and its local currency valued one-to-one with USD make this tropical archipelago an ideal place to conduct global business. If you need to hire a legally compliant workforce in Brazil, please submit your details here, and our global business specialists will be happy to explain how we can compliantly employ your international workforce via our Global Employer of Record (GEOR) service.

Spotlight on Brazil

The largest country in South America and in the Southern Hemisphere; shares common boundaries with every South American country except Chile and Ecuador; most of the Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland, extends through the west-central part of the country; shares Iguazu Falls, the world’s largest waterfalls system, with Argentina.

  • Capital: Brasilia.
  • Population: 208,846,892.
  • Currency: Brazilian real.

Incorporating your company and building your business infrastructure in Brazil can be costly, especially if your company is just testing the country’s aquamarine waters. Our Global Employer of Record (EOR) solution can help you to engage your selected global workforce in a risk-free and cost-effective way.

Whether you are a global enterprise looking to hire local talent and/or expatriate personnel to meet your business needs in Brazil, or an agency that needs to hire a workforce for your clients, our Global EOR solution can help you to:

  • Familiarize yourself with Brazil’s employment laws and regulations
  • Hire and payroll in-country citizens and expats in full compliance with Bermudian laws
  • Arrange for business visas and work permits for your expatriate personnel in Brazil
  • Onboard your employees
  • Payroll your workforce on a monthly basis in local currency

Acumen can promptly employ your selected candidates or multiple prospects on your behalf in Brazil. As your trusted global business partner, we will help you navigate local labor laws to eliminate:

  • Any and all employment risks
  • The need to set up your own in-country legal business entity
  • Any local labor issues

By leaving all compulsory global employment processes to Acumen’s experts, you can focus on achieving your long-term strategic business goals.

To learn more about how our Global EOR solution can help your company hire and payroll employees in Brazil, contact us with questions, or request a free express quote for your Brazil employment needs.

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