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  1. Overview:United Kingdom (UK)
  2. Global HR Compliance
  3. Global PEO and Payroll
  4. UK Work Visas, Work Permits, Immigration
  5. Contractor vs Employee: Which Is Better?
  6. Expand into the UK without a Company Set Up
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Global Employer of Record (EOR) in the UK

Global Employment Solutions: How  Can Help You Expand to the UK

As the global employer of record, our experience and expertise can help you get started quickly and compliantly in the UK. Businesses expanding globally often face challenges when compliantly employing a workforce in foreign countries. In most cases, legal compliance requires establishing a legal in-country business entity, a complex, costly, and time-consuming process that many employers are not ready to undertake.

With our help, you’ll be able to confidently tap into the profitable economic opportunities available in the United Kingdom while maintaining a high level of legal and HR compliance.

To help your organization legally onboard and payroll a workforce in the United Kingdom, Acumen International offers a global employment solution via our Global Employer of Record (EOR) designed to help you circumvent the legalities of direct hiring, eliminating the need for you to establish a legal entity in the UK to conduct business there.

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What Is a Global Employer of Record?

An organisation that allows employers to hire employees in other countries is the Global Employer of Record (GEOR). The global Employer of record service provider handles all aspects of the foreign employment process, from ensuring compliance with local labour laws to managing payroll and benefits and providing HR support.

As a business expands into new international markets, it may need to hire employees in countries where it has no physical presence. An EOR, or global employer of record, is a cost-effective and compliance risk-free way to add employees in new markets without having to establish an entity in a foreign country.

How Does a Global Employer of Record Work?

If you’re looking to do business in a foreign country, it’s essential to make sure you’re compliant with local payroll laws. This is where an Employer of Record (EOR) can help. An Employer of Record (EOR) can act on your behalf to manage local employee-related matters such as payroll, tax deductions, and onboarding of new hires.

An EOR can provide a registered entity for running a local, compliant payroll, managing payroll taxes, benefits, compensations, deductions, social insurance, and employee information. An Employer of Record can guide you on the host country’s required notice periods, termination rules, and severance pays, saving thousands of dollars in lawsuits while freeing up HR from repetitive tasks.

With a global EOR partner, you can ensure that your business operates smoothly and legally in your new country of choice.

When You Should Use an Employer of Record

Organizations looking to expand internationally often face many challenges. One of the biggest challenges is finding a way to do so quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. In that case, a global EOR provider can be beneficial. A global Employer of Record provider specialises in helping organisations with their international expansion efforts. They have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help your organisation grow quickly and effectively. Here are some common situations where organisations like yours can turn to an EOR provider for assistance.

1. Using Global EORs to Explore and Evaluate International Markets

EORs are a great way to test the readiness of an international market for your products or services. Hiring workers in target countries allow you to get a feel for the market without committing time and resources to set up a local entity. This is a great way to gauge interest and potential demand before making a significant investment.

2. Avoid  Independent Contractor Non-compliance and Misclassification Issues

If you plan to grow your business by hiring international contractors, you could be at risk of violating employment and tax laws. An EOR can enhance compliance by hiring contractors on your behalf and following all local in-country labour requirements.

3. Quickly Enter New Markets without Overseas Entity Set-Up with GEO

Organizations looking to expand their business into new markets may find that establishing a new entity is the best course of action. However, setting up a new entity can be lengthy and complex. With an EOR (Employer of Record), businesses can have workers operational in the new country within weeks while your organization does the work of setting up the new entity in parallel.

4. A Global EOR Can Support Your M&A Processes

When an organisation acquires a workforce in a new country, the contracted workforce will often be expected to operate in a different jurisdiction with different local laws and tax and compliance regulations. In the business world, where time and cost are critical factors, it is essential to have a reliable and experienced EOR partner to facilitate and expedite your business acquisitions.

11 Benefits of Using a Global Employer of Record (EOR) in the UK

1. Flexibility and Instant Access to International Talent Pool

If you’re looking to expand your business quickly and efficiently, hiring full-time employees in any location is the way to go. With a trusted and experienced Employer of Record, you can do this without having to set up a local entity or worry about worker misclassification. This is a faster and risk-free way to build a pool of top international talent.

2. Speed of Global Hiring with a Global Employer of Record

Traditional hiring methods simply can’t keep up with the pace of today’s business world. That’s why more and more companies are turning to the Global Employer of Record (GEO) services that allow them to scale quickly and put international workers in place anywhere in the world in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods.

3. In-country HR Compliance Expertise across 190 Countries

There’s no need to navigate the complex world of local labour law, employer taxes, HR compliance regulations and payroll processing details. Let a global EOR (Employer of Record) take care of everything for you.

4.  Reduced Cost – No Need to Establish a Local Entity

If you want to hire an international team but don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of setting up a local entity? Look no further! Acumen International Employer of Record can help you avoid costly registration and incorporation fees in every country where you hire new employees.

5. Consistency of Operations & Effective Cost Management 

There is no one-size-fits-all regarding how local companies charge for their services. However, by consolidating your relationship with one global EOR solutions provider, you can achieve consistency in pricing. Acumen International’s Employer of Record solution offers a single, transparent, and easy-to-understand pricing model that can be applied to managing all your global employees. This way, you can avoid the hassle of working with multiple providers with different charging structures.

6. Employer of Record – Your Single Point of Contact

A single global EOR can make your global hiring experience much smoother and more efficient. You will have a dedicated account manager who knows your business and needs, which makes communication across multiple countries, different languages, and time zones much simpler and more manageable, saving your company time and money in the long run.

7. Instant Global Employment Cost Prediction 

As your company grows and expands its operations globally, it becomes increasingly important to have a global employment cost prediction that can give you visibility into your worldwide workforce expenses. Global Payroll Calculator can do that by providing you with predictive analytics on global employment costs and employer and employee tax analysis capabilities. This allows you to budget more effectively for your expansion plans and manage your international workforce. Having global employment costs at your fingertips helps you stay ahead of the competition and maintain a healthy bottom line.

The Global Payroll Calculator leverages unique up-to-date data collected by Acumen’s expert in-house team research of over 1500 official government sources and validated with local lawyers, compliance experts, and accountants. 

Global Payroll Calculator helps companies minimize labour costs while providing up-to-date information on hiring, compensation, and tax requirements across 190 countries.  The Global Payroll Calculator is also ideal for rapid global employment as it provides accurate estimates of an organization’s international intake, accounting for relevant factors such as salary levels, taxation rules, hiring requirements, and other legal standards across multiple jurisdictions. 

8. Legal and HR Compliance Assurance

An Employer of Record (EOR) provides payroll and benefits services to your selected employees in foreign jurisdictions. An EOR assumes all compliance responsibility and significantly mitigates your company’s risk of compliance issues and penalties. An Employer of Record can be a valuable service for companies who want to avoid the risk of non-compliance with various laws and regulations when going global.

9. Immigration Support

Applying for a business visa or work permit for your foreign employees may not be as simple as you think. Finding an experienced Employer of Record who can navigate the visa and work permit challenges and understands immigration laws is critical for ensuring that your business remains compliant in each country.

The UK offers exciting opportunities for businesses looking to expand their operations. At Acumen International, we understand that hiring a foreign workforce and relocating employees can be stressful and time-consuming for employers with convoluted immigration rules. That’s why we have a dedicated team of professionals who will guide you through every step of the immigration or relocation process, from visa and work permit sponsorship to compliant onboarding of your employees or managing contractors. 

Fortunately, our pre-existing employment companies in the UK are well-equipped to take care of all the necessary paperwork and get your business up and running quickly.

We also offer 100% compliance with all local requirements, so you can rest assured that your employees will be able to transition smoothly into their new roles. With our experience and in-country expertise, we will ensure that the entire process is as stress-free as possible for you and your employees, acting as an extension of your in-house HR team.

11. Employment Risks and Liabilities Covered

As a leading provider of global Employer of Record (EOR) services, we offer a competitive advantage with our risk-free engagement. Acumen Global EOR services are incredibly affordable and protect employers and employees from compliance exposure throughout the employment lifecycle. We assume 100% of the risk instead of transferring it to third parties. Our competitors might charge less, but they don’t offer the same level of protection. We take on 100% of the liability for service delivery, regardless of any third-party involvement, and provide a higher standard of service than any other company. Our in-country expertise is unrivaled, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our clients.

EOR vs PEO: What Is the Difference?

Hiring international workers can be a complicated and daunting task for any business. An EOR, in particular, can be a valuable asset to your company, taking on the administrative duties for a portion f your international workforce management.

Partnering with a global EOR can free your HR team to focus on more important tasks and ensure that all of your employees are taken care of.  Seasonal workers, contractors, project-specific hires, and foreign employees can all be handled by an EOR, making the workload lighter for your HR Department.

Several compliance and payroll issues must be considered when hiring staff from overseas. One way to overcome these difficulties is to work with an employment partner, such as an employer of record (EOR) or professional employer organization (PEO). These organizations can help businesses navigate the complexities of international law and make global employment a much easier process.

Business owners looking to expand globally should be aware of two types of organisations: PEO (Professional Employment Organization) and EOR (Employer of Record). While they may perform similar functions, it is essential to understand their differences to choose the right one for your company. Knowing which organization is right for your business can ensure you get the best results.

EOR (Employer of Record) vs. PEO (Professional Employment Organization) 

EOR (Employer of Record) PEO (Professional Employment Organization)
Serves as the legal employer Serves as a co-employer
Assumes all legal responsibilities and liabilities  Shares legal responsibilities and liabilities
Can take over a portion of HR functions Can take over the entire HR function
Can be used for a part of the workforce Can be used for the entire workforce
Allows companies to expand globally without setting up e local business entity Only works with clients that have established entities in all countries where they have employees.
Handles payment based on payment terms (provides payroll funding) Requires payment before payroll (no payroll funding)
Takes care of employee insurance The client needs to arrange insurance for payroll employees

Acumen International Complete Global EOR Solution

Acumen International is a leading provider of global HR services, offering secure and efficient solutions for businesses that need to manage international payroll, HR & benefits administration. Our full-service management solutions are tailored to each client’s needs and can include everything from legal talent employment to benefits management and compliance to payroll and taxation.

  1. Processing Immigration requirements
  2. Visa applications & extensions
  3. Work permit sponsorships 
  4. Streamline onboarding, benefits, payroll, PTO
  5. Local labour law compliance
  6. Audit-proof compliance requirements
  7. Employee benefits management
  8. Handling employment contracts, terminations, and compensation
  9. Processing medical insurances and benefits
  10. Payroll, including year-end tax statements 
  11. Relocation services & housing  
  12. Benefit management 
  13. Special needs or requirements  
  14. Multi-country employment without limitations 
  15. Handling contract workers and ex-pat workforce management
  16. Compliant employment or termination within 72 hours.

The United Kingdom: Country Overview

The United Kingdom encompasses the countries of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The island nation is situated in northwestern Europe. Recently part of the European Union (EU), UK citizens voted in 2020 to withdraw from the EU and reclaim national sovereignty.

  • Capital: London, England
  • Population: About 68 million
  • Labor Force: 34,738,347
  • Ease of Doing Business: The World Bank ranks the UK 8th among 190 nations for ease of doing business. The UK’s highly evolved Western culture, culturally diverse population and English as its primary spoken language play into the UK’s high ranking.
  • Global marketplace position: The United Kingdom has the 6th largest economy in the world, based on the gross domestic product (GDP).
  • Industries: Top industries in the UK are construction services, banking, automotive, and healthcare.
  • Import/Export partners: The UK’s top trading partners are the USA, China, Germany, Netherlands, and France.
  • Local currency: Despite its previous membership in the EU, the UK never adopted the Euro as its main currency, and the country’s local currency remains the British Pound Sterling (GBP). Workers are paid in GBP.
  • Minimum wage: As of April 2021, the UK’s minimum wage for adults under age 23 was 8.72 GBP per hour, and the National Living Wage was 9.5 GBP or 10.85 GBP for people working in London. All workers over age 23 are entitled to the UK’s minimum National Living Wage.

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