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What is a Global Employer of Record Solution?

A Global Employer of Record solution (GEOR) is an international employment service offered by a third-party employment company. A Global EOR takes on the responsibilities and liabilities of employing global workers on the client's behalf.

Our Global Employer of Record solution was designed to streamline the international growth of businesses by eliminating the need to incorporate and form costly legal entities in foreign countries. By outsourcing employment and payroll functions to a Global Employer of Record, businesses benefit from reduced liabilities and are protected from compliance risks.

We can arrange legally compliant employment for both local workers and expats in the 190 countries we cover. Our employer of record services provide a range of employee benefits like medical insurance, cars, laptops, and technology, so you can easily manage your personnel across multiple countries.

How a GEOR Works

A Global Employer of Record acts as a legal employer, taking the administrative burden off your shoulders. It eliminates employment liability and compliance risks while you remain the actual employer, and frees you up to concentrate on your business objectives and development.

Our Global Employer of Record model works for both Agencies and End Employers, such as SMEs with limited budgets or large enterprises who are not ready to commit to certain countries and need an interim solution to get established there.

We use a flexible price model with terms based on the number of employees, with no limits to project duration or employees number.

Our EOR acts as the legal employer and assumes all responsibility and liability for employees, while they perform work for you.

Your Company

  • Compensation approval
  • Position Duties
  • Performance task setting
  • Employee termination approval

Global Employer of Record

  • Registering an employee with local labor bodies
  • Arranging local payroll – filing taxes, managing payslips, making monthly salary payout
  • Providing employee benefits
  • Carrying out work permit support for expatriates and post immigration employment


  • Work fulfilment
  • Reporting

Benefits and Infrastructure We Provide You with

Using our global Employer of Record Solution, you can convert your existing freelancers/contractors into employees, engage global talent for short-term projects, and employ an unlimited number of personnel, anywhere in the world. Attracting, motivating, and retaining the best global talent gives you a huge competitive advantage.

Our expert knowledge of in-country employment and tax compliance laws saves you from having to research them yourself.

In addition to Global Employer of Record services, we provide full business support with a range of other services:
Car leasing
Office and
showroom rental
provision (notebook, mobile, etc.)
Arrangement of
businsess trips
Business expense
(housing) on demand

Work Permits for EOR Employment of Expats

We provide work permit and immigration support, with subsequent employment of the expat. By having a single provider to sponsor a work permit or visa, you minimize the risk of visa rejection and take the red tape of the immigration process off your shoulders.
What’s in it for You
Using a Global Employer of Record solution allows you to develop an international workforce without the red tape of creating a legal entity, or the major misclassification risks of relying on independent contractors. Suitable for small businesses and large multinationals, you have an equal opportunity to operate globally, risk-free.
Overall, the Global Employer of Record solution is designed to make your global operations and hiring new employees in a foreign country simple and cost-effective.
At Acumen, we are knowledgeable and experienced in managing localized payroll and financial statements, as well as strong international project management.
Streamlined Global Reach
190 countries
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Financial&Legal Security
Working with our UK based company, you are fully protected by the UK legislation
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One stop shop solution
Single Service Agreement to employ or terminate any employee number, provide benefits based on your business needs
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100% Compliance
Official full time employment and regular legislative updates on the countries of our coverage
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Solutions for Locals and Expats
Tailored employment including expats’ work permit support
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Legally Onboard Your Global Workforce in 190 Countries
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