Global HR Compliance Is Key for Successful Global Expansion

When you’re looking to expand your business internationally, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important considerations is how you will comply with complex local laws and regulations. Having a solid global HR compliance strategy in place is essential for expanding without running into problems. In this brief, we’ll examine how a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and EOR (Employer of Record) can help you navigate these tricky territories.

Every international project relating to global expansion requires certain information before, during, and after it is started. This helps companies already operating or planning to expand globally make sure that all their operations are carried out that will not expose them to unnecessary risks, hence boosting their confidence and certainty level.

Companies must determine how to manage their global workforce as they expand globally. One of the biggest challenges for a business is managing the various legal and regulatory compliance issues that arise when expanding internationally.

This is where the concept of EOR (Employer of Record) comes into play. Using EOR, you can now hire these talented people, bring them on board your team, and get the experience you need without having to set up new offices or deal with the challenges of setting up local operations. The challenge is how to ensure compliance when hiring internationally.

One way to do this is using a Global PEO (Professional Employer Organization). Global PEOs are companies that specialize in providing HR services as an outsourced solution for smaller businesses. Global PEO’s can provide you with several services, including but not limited to: recruitment, payroll, benefits management, and HR compliance management.

Surprisingly, many companies planning to operate in foreign markets do not know that one person is now enough to represent their business overseas, hence making them – both large multinationals and small companies or individuals face a considerable lack of information and support on global employment, international and local taxation and immigration, especially if it is about projects that require that their workforce is sent on international assignments.

Having spotted this growing need for up-to-date information about the complaint global workforce employment process, Acumen International has responded to it with our Global HR Compliance services.

Global PEO Can Provide Professional Guidance and Navigate HR Compliance Complexities

We provide professional guidance for corporate clients, agencies, individual contractors, and freelancers on local employment laws, implied compliance risks, and ex-pats immigration nuances to work out the most cost-effective yet compliant and risk-free solution for you. Our objective is to assist you with Global HR compliance issues and offer you the best payment and taxation options. With this, we save you the time and effort that come with understanding the complicated regulations and tax calculations that are often written in the local languages and subject to frequent changes. We also provide information about the best scenarios for ex-pat immigration and employment.

With our expertise in our Global HR Compliance solutions, we will become the single provider that will solve your global business challenges and save you the seemingly unavoidable costs of HR compliance. Our English-speaking professionals work 24/7 to ensure that we assist you by working out tailored labor solutions (whenever you have the need) that are managed legally and in full compliance with the local employment laws, regardless of your time zone.

Use our solutions to efficiently satisfy your need for skilled professionals in whatever industry you work around the globe and, in turn, improve your chances of sustainable success.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a specialized staffing firm that provides human capital management services, including administration, payroll, tax compliance, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, and HR consulting services for its clients. These ancillary services allow organizations to constrain their investment in human capital management to a fixed fee per employee per year.

Benefits of Using Global PEO & Employer of Record Services

Global PEOs shoulder the burden of many “non-core” HR and administrative activities – from payroll to benefits administration – enabling PEO clients to focus more on their organization’s core competency. Further, PEOs that are more sophisticated provide expertise to help their clients with strategic HR decisions.

  1. Global employment management centralization. Maximized control. Minimized risk 
  2. A Global PEO facilitates quick talent deployment and provides access to various employee benefits solutions to attract and retain your global talent
  3. Eliminating and mitigating certain employment-related risks, including non-compliance and employee misclassification, through the shared responsibility and co-employment arrangement
  4. Scalable technology and infrastructure provided via the global PEO relationship
  5. Reduced and stable global employment management-related cost
  6. A global PEO can facilitate risk-free, quick, and easy market entry by acting as your local legal entity, helping you to avoid the cost and time associated with incorporating into 190 countries
  7. A global PEO allows you to make your global expansion 100% compliant and secure by keeping track and adhering to all local laws and regulations
  8. A global PEO helps you remain agile and scales up or down in your selected foreign markets according to your business needs.
  9. A global PEO facilitates global employment consistency and HR compliance.
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