Global Payroll Calculator: Estimate Labor Cost of Ukrainian Displaced Workforce Relocation

With the recent geopolitical tensions in Ukraine due to Russia’s military invasion of the country, it is estimated that around 1 million people have left Ukraine to seek refuge in neighboring countries. The European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said that this figure could reach 7 million. Given the intensity of this situation, the Interior ministers of the European Union have devised a scheme to provide temporary protection to all the refugees who fled from Ukraine. Under this scheme, refugees from Ukraine will get fastrack access to temporary residence permits, employment, and social welfare benefits.

Currently the biggest challenge for global and domestic businesses that used to engage a workforce in Ukraine is redeploying and payrolling their now displaced professionals in new countries.

If you are thinking about relocating your personnel from Ukraine, we invite you to consider using our Global Payroll Calculator to compare payroll and employment costs in multiple countries to make more informed business decisions. We elaborated and launched our GPC to provide you immediate automated payroll and tax estimations for your global workforce in 190 countries around the world (currently available in 179 countries, others to be added soon). This unique online SaaS tool lets you get an immediate calculation of the total cost of employing global talent – both local and expatriate – worldwide, and provides proper guidance on the steps to undertake.

Benefits of Using the Global Payroll Calculator

To meet our global clients’ demands and stay on top of innovation, Acumen International is striving to incorporate new business technologies to give our clients the best experience. Having fulfilled myriad challenging projects for clients’ global expansion planning, budgets allocation, and global talent engagement worldwide, we developed our GPC to offer the multinational companies a way to streamline the processes. This easy-to-use online tool was created by leveraging our global HR expertise and 20-year market experience in serving companies of different sizes.

Our global network team works hard to make sure the calculations are precise, valid and accurately made on the basis of timely legislative updates, tax rates, and norms in all countries of coverage.

It should be noted that our GPC is designed for not just global companies but also regional service companies that want to serve global customers, automate their operational processes and work on growing globally. Use our Global Payroll Calculator today to get immediate estimates of the total cost of employing global talent in the countries of your choice and engage your local and expatriate professionals via Acumen’s global employment solutions.

The global events in the last couple of years, including the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic, have challenged us to respond to many disruptions and innovations that completely turned the global HR industry upside down.

At Acumen International, we strive to be cognizant of the latest business trends and then meaningfully respond to changes in the international business landscape, to best respond to your extending business needs.

Contact Acumen International today to know how we can meet your business demands, help you make better and more informed decisions, streamline budgeting and make your business operations more cost-efficient. Write to us at and follow us online to know more!

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