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Acumen International Provides a Customized Remote Hiring Solution for a US Client in Germany

With today’s rapidly changing and unstable global business landscape, many globally expanding companies are looking for innovative solutions for hiring a compliant international workforce. In particular, during the business setup process in a new country, companies need interim solutions for confidently employing a globally distributed workforce, in 100% compliance with local employment laws and regulations. Acumen International’s Global PEO service provides the perfect interim hiring solution for global businesses in 190 countries. Our solution helps you keep your projects on track during mergers, takeovers, reorganization or other situations where you need to legally hire or retain your remote foreign workers. Learn how our customized solution for a US client helped them meet their interim hiring needs prior to setting up business in Germany. Our case study is a perfect example of how our Global PEO service can help businesses continue to flourish during turbulent times.

Our Client

Our client is a US based industrial instrument supplier who needed to hire one German citizen to oversee their manufacturing operations in Germany. The company was seeking an interim solution to hire the candidates prior to setting up business in the country.

The Challenge

The company intended the position of Director of Manufacturing Operations to be a one-person role at first, with plans to later build an in-country team as the company scaled. German law limits the deployment of an employee to the same client to 18 months, giving the company time to set up its own in-country entity. Our client needed a ready solution to legally hire their German employee and then transfer them smoothly when their own entity has been established in Germany.

Our Solution

We offered our client a customized interim Global PEO solution and helped them navigate the details of in-country official employment. In a matter of days, we prepared the employment agreement to the satisfaction of both our client and the new employee. The employee was ready to begin his new role as Director of Manufacturing Operations as soon as his notification period elapsed at his former job. In addition, Acumen International ensured:

    • Full GDPR compliance
  • A capacity to provide a potential performance-based bonus for the employee
  • A capacity to provide technology such as laptop and mobile phone
  • Additional allowances to cover expenses such as transportation, technology required for work and reimbursable expenses for international travel

Thanks to our quick and innovative Global PEO solution, we have a satisfied client who plans to build a German team with Acumen’s help while at the same time incorporating in the country without risks and haste. If you already have candidates that you need to hire and payroll in Germany or elsewhere in the world, Acumen International can help your business meet its global hiring needs easily and compliantly. Explore our website and request a quote.

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