Providing a Custom Remote Hiring Solution to Help Our Client Retain Top Global Talent in Norway

With the demand for tech solutions at an all-time high, technology firms are forced to cast a broad net to attract and retain top IT talent. Oftentimes, that means onboarding foreign workers on specialized work visas and permits. When employees elect or are forced to return to their native countries, many businesses look for creative solutions to sustain an ongoing working relationship. Acumen Global PEO provides the perfect custom solutions for businesses who want to legally retain remote foreign workers for long-term overseas assignments.

Our Client

Our client is a US-based technology solutions firm. With the onset of coronavirus, one of their key employees, a Norwegian Localization Specialist living in the United States, decided to return to Norway. At the time, the client was unaware of the existence of a Global PEO solution, and how it can help businesses retain international talent and carry on working with them remotely and remain compliant.

Our team walked the client through the many benefits of Acumen’s International PEO solution:

  • Preparation of mandatory documents for legal employment and payroll in Norway on their behalf
  • 100% compliant onboarding and offboarding of employees
  • Detailed payroll calculation (base salary, bonuses, sick-leave, business trips, holidays, etc.), monthly payslips, employee and employer tax calculations and returns, and additional benefits provision
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Completion and reports submission of local tax payments to authorities
  • Assistance with work permits and business visas for expatriate personnel

We worked with our client to create a custom global PEO solution that allowed for the employee’s smooth transition to Norway. The client was able to sustain a remote, compliant and mutually agreeable working relationship with their top employee.

The Challenge

Norway uses a complex methodology for calculating employee payroll, with minute and specific nuances that must be carefully adhered to. Foreign employers who operate in Norway, or who have native employees there, must take careful measures to ensure full compliance with Norwegian tax laws when administering payroll. This requires detailed knowledge of the country’s tax and social security regulations.

The goal was to grant the employee a compensation package in Norway that was equitable to the one they enjoyed in the United States. Our team would have to find a creative solution to guarantee that both the client and the employee were satisfied with the end result. The process entailed comparing and balancing the cost of living in the US versus Norway, and conducting multiple negotiations with the employee before agreeing on a final package.

The Solution

Our client was pleased to learn about Acumen’s International PEO solution for global employee salary and benefits provision. We paved the way for the employee’s smooth transition from the US to Norway, enabling our client to retain their top talent.

In the short span of a week, our team collected all necessary documents and outlined a step-by-step process for a smooth transition:

  1. Drafting and signing an employment agreement to employ a Localization Specialist in Norway.
  2. Aligning all statutory benefits in accordance with Norwegian labor laws:
    • Arranging for the client to provide worker’s compensation insurance for the employee.
    • Arranging for an employer-provided OTP-A pension plan – “Obligatorisk Tjenestepensjon” in Norwegian.
    • Agreeing with the client on 21 paid holidays per year, including three consecutive weeks off, as per Norway’s stipulations for the position.
  3. Provision of all necessary equipment.

The Result

Thanks to Acumen’s innovative Global PEO solution, our client was able to retain a key foreign employee and preserve their knowledge base. The Localization Specialist made a seamless transition to their home in Norway without any disruption of workflow.

Our client chose to work with Acumen International for several key reasons:

  • Speed – Our team quickly stepped in and arranged all the details to allow for a smooth employee transition.
  • Expertise – Our team knew exactly what to do to facilitate a compliant and stress-free change of location.
  • Professionalism – At Acumen International, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest level of quality service.
  • Transparency – Our client was able to quickly make a fully informed decision, thanks to Acumen’s fair and transparent pricing.

Acumen Global PEO for Custom Hiring Solutions

More companies than ever are going global and becoming aware of the many benefits of partnering with a Global PEO. Whether you are an SME with a small dedicated staff or a large enterprise with an international presence, Acumen’s global employment solutions can help you achieve your business goals in 190 countries, world-wide. Find and onboard the world’s brightest talent with minimal risk and full compliance. Acumen’s Global PEO solution can have you up and running in no time, in virtually any location in the world.

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