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Global Employer of Record in France

Global employment services

Willing to hire international employees in France? We’re here to help.

Send us project details here and we’ll be happy to employ your international workforce on your behalf in France quickly and cost-effectively.

Employer of Record solution in France

Employer of Record is an integrated solution designed to help you hire and manage your remote employees in France, which includes:

  • familiarizing with the country’s employment legislation
  • onboarding of employees
  • payrolling employees on a monthly basis in local currency/ies
  • arranging for business visa and work permit if you need to employ expatriate personnel in France.

Acumen Employer of Record can promptly employ the selected candidate (or multiple prospects) on your behalf in France. We become your trusted partner and guide you through local labor laws thus eliminating:

  • any and all employment risks
  • the need to go into legislative specifics and set everything up on your own
  • all local labor issues.

Handing all these compulsory global employment processes to experts will spare your precious business hours for more strategic task solving.

Spotlight on France:

  • Location – is a sovereign state whose territory consists of metropolitan France in western Europe, as well as several overseas regions and territories.
  • Capital – Paris
  • Population – 67.08 million
  • Official language – French
  • Recognized minority languages – German Dialects
  • Government – Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
  • Currency – Euro
  • Dominant religion – Catholicism
  • Labor force – 30.3 million
  • Exports – $550 billion (2017). Exportable goods: machinery and equipment, aircraft, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, iron and steel, beverages
  • Main export partners: Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Belgium, UK
  • Imports – $601 billion (2017). Import products: machinery and equipment, vehicles, crude oil, aircraft, plastics, chemicals
  • Main import partners: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, UK, USA, China
  • Public holidays – Jour de l”An, Vendredi Saint, Lundi de Paques, Fetes du Travail, Fete de la Victoire, Jour de l”Ascension, Lundi de Pentecote, Fete des Meres, Fete des Peres, Fete Nationale, Assomption, Toussaint, Jour d’armistice, Noel, Deuxieme jour de Noel.

Employment in France

Employment in France can be arranged on a full or part-time basis. Fixed-term contracts are only permitted in special cases (such as to replace a temporarily absent employee or to meet a temporary increase in the employer’s activity). In France, employment law affords employees a good level of protection.

Employment contracts are not generally required to be written, but certain forms of an employment contract must be in writing. The employer must provide the employee with a written statement of the essential terms governing the employment relationship.

A written contract is necessary in the case if:

  • An applicable collective bargaining agreement (CBA) requires it.
  • It is a fixed-term contract.
  • It is a part-time contract.
  • It is a temporary contract.
  • It is an apprenticeship employment contract.
  • It is a professionalization employment contract.

Important Facts on Employment in France

  • All non-EU citizens are required to have a work permit to be employed on the territory of France.
  • Usually, employees work 35 hours per week.
  • Both: employers and employees are free to negotiate the terms and conditions of their employment relationship.
  • Severance payments are only awarded if the employee has a minimum length of service.

The legal environment in France is constantly changing as a result of government reforms and case law evolution.

  • Are you seeking to reinforce your existing team with the expertise of France-based international employees?
  • Have you already selected a candidate from France?
  • Do you want the prospect to work for you remotely from France?
  • Would you prefer to hire shortly and stay compliant with France legislation?

Our global employment solution is the way to go!

Like every other country, France has its own employment specifics. Abiding by the local employment law ensures 100% compliance.

By entrusting local tax and law subordination as well as workforce employment and management to an authority with extensive expertise, you safeguard professional handling of all things legal in France on behalf of your company.

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