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How to Expand into New Markets Without Incorporation

When it comes to growing your business internationally, you face the challenges and have to do things you have never done before. You are adjusting different business models to your key target overseas markets, considering foreign entities set-up so you can make local hires, calculating tax implications. Why are you doing this? Because you simply believe this is your best option or even your only option. However, There Is A Different Way.

Acumen’s unique Global Employer of Record (GEOR) solution offers a fast, risk-free, and affordable alternative for doing business overseas. We help you enter foreign markets without the expense and red tape of company formation in a foreign country. Our solution eliminates compliance and business risks, and the need to rely on self-employed foreign sales reps.

With our GEOR solution, numerous businesses have been able to expand their international reach and tap into new streams of revenue. Every day we help dozens of companies expand their global operations, and we are here to help your business do the same.

Unlike conventional modes of market entry, GEOR services give you the freedom to test multiple foreign markets and easily withdraw from those that prove less than lucrative. If you are liquidating your entities in certain countries but want to retain your salesforce and have them continue working for your company, a Global Employer of Record is the best option for you. 

Our GEOR solution helps you to quickly and compliantly hire a foreign salesforce, and to terminate employment. Many of our clients have benefited from the flexibility and freedom our solution ensures.

International market expansion can be risky, expensive, and time-consuming. When you use our GEOR solution for global expansion, we do all the heavy lifting, freeing you to run your business. Not only will you be able to accelerate the international expansion of your business, but you will be able to do it without the set-up of a company entity on foreign soil. 

Our Global Employer of Record solution lets your employees start quickly to meet your business needs while you sort out the possibilities of setting up an entity in the future.

Global EOR service can save your business time and costs by as much as 75-80%

Market averageOur Solution *
Time to Market10+ weeks72 hours
Legal advisers consultation$ 10 000 +………….
Official employment&Benefits$ 20 000 +………….
Incorporation&Liquidation costs$ 11 000 +………….
Bank account setup$ 2 000 +………….
Maintenance costs and Internal staff to manage company and process payroll$ 25 000+………….
Approximate total cost to enter new market **$ 74 000 +$ 15 000

* Per one Employee
** Costs vary from country to country

Cost and Time of Company Formation

Establishing a company in a new country is an expensive and time-consuming process that can require multiple vendors. The complexities of foreign company formation can distract you for pursuing your businesses goals and building your global business empire. With Acumen’s Global PEO and EOR solutions, you can set up a company with confidence, anywhere in the world, knowing the nuts and bolts of hiring and payroll rest in experienced and competent hands.

Expand Your Business in 190 Countries
I’d like to expand my bussiness in:
What’s in it for You
Worldwide Footprint
Become global overnight with limited budgets and resources
Lean Approach
Test the markets before getting established there, and easily withdraw from the unattractive countries
Speed to Market
Instant access to almost any foreign market through hiring employees in target countries within a few business days
Global Talent
Expand your key workforce in charge of your global business development easily and risk free
Cost Efficiency
Avoid unnecessary incorporation costs / expensive infrastructures and invest in your key business objectives
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Hear from Some of Our Clients

In less than 10 days we were able to start selling our company products in several countries in Europe, thanks to Acumen International.
We were never able to enter several foreign markets so fast before we used the solution of Acumen International. We have been with them for 4 years since then…
The solution of Acumen gave us a rapid and constant hands-on presence in Poland and Germany even though we worked from our home office in the Netherlands.

We used Acumen International when we needed to enter the Russian market several years ago. We didn’t plan to register our own branch in the country although we had an urgent need to increase operations in that market.
They helped us develop our business and grow our international sales while they handled the whole scope of activities related to our sales people in Russia. Later they helped us enter other markets too.
I would recommend their solution to anyone seeking ways to enter new markets fast, risk-free and less expensively than via incorporation.

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