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Acumen International’s 22 Years of Innovation: Fueling Global Expansion through Employer of Record Solutions

Dear clients, partners, and the Acumen International team!

As we celebrate our 22nd anniversary at Acumen International, I am reminded of the journey that brought us here. What started as a local staffing and recruitment agency in 2001 has grown into a leading global Employer of Record solutions provider, operating in over 190 countries worldwide. I am proud of our achievements and excited to share our story with you.

Serving our clients, I recognized that companies expanding globally need a trusted partner who could help them navigate the complexities of global employment, tax, and compliance. The key factor that has contributed to the success of Acumen International over the years was my decision 12 years ago to internationalize our business: the journey continued with a simple yet powerful idea: to help businesses achieve global growth.

In 2011, Acumen International entered the Global Employer of Record services market to pursue new opportunities.

Our mission is to give companies an expedited, ‘express’ global footprint through compliant onboarding of international talent without the need to register their own entities overseas. At Acumen, we don’t simply serve our international clients differently. We help them accelerate their success. Be global expansion a car; our global employment solution would be gasoline.

We have helped businesses realize globalization’s potential by showing them how the sharing economy can help them succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

We hire, provide payroll and offer benefits to locals and expatriates on behalf of our clients – in a compliant, fast, risk-free, and affordable way.

We have always stayed true to our core values: resourcefulness, ambition, diligence, innovation, and a diverse skill set from an international perspective. These principles have served as the driving force behind our achievements and consistently guided us throughout our journey. They continue to inspire us as we look to the future.

Our team comprises professionals with deep expertise in employment law, HR, finance, tax, and compliance, who work together to deliver exceptional results for our clients. There was an incredible display of resilience and dedication from every single member of our Ukrainian team, who kept our business running in the face of the Russian invasion that left us without electricity, heat, or water. We could not have made it through this period without their heroic contributions, and we are truly thankful for that!

Technology has always been at the forefront of Acumen International. Our passion for innovation has led us to invest heavily in technology advancements to increase productivity and drive international growth.

Our recent launch of the Global Payroll Calculator is a testament to this commitment. We proudly offer the most powerful tool in the market for calculating total employment costs across multiple countries.

We have always been fostering strong and meaningful client relationships. We believe that trust, transparency, and open communication are essential for building long-term partnerships. We can deliver comprehensive solutions that meet their unique requirements by truly understanding our clients’ needs and objectives.

Over the past 12 years, we dedicated up to 50 thousand hours to building a global partner network of the utmost professionalism and reliability. I believe having a trusted global partner is crucial for the success of companies of all shapes and sizes. Trust is the main international business currency.

Today our network and global knowledge base cover the most remote, hard-to-reach, or underserved markets.

Combined with our advanced technology solutions and world-class support services, we can now deliver tailor-made solutions that give our clients immediate access to global talent. Whether you’re expanding into a new market or need help navigating complex employment regulations, our team of experts and local partners are ready to support you every step of the way.

Excitement is in the air for what the future holds. Employers operating internationally are turning to Acumen International to help them succeed and streamline global hiring in a world that grows ever more interdependent. We are committed to continuing our journey of innovation and growth, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

I would like to express my gratitude to our clients, partners, and Acumen International team members who have supported our business over the years. Thank you for putting your faith in us. I am thrilled to be able to share this moment with you.

It has been an incredible journey, and there are many great achievements ahead. As we continue to help businesses navigate the maze of global employment and compliance, I invite you to join us on this adventure. Stay tuned for more information about our exciting new initiatives!

Nick Ganzha, Founder and CEO of Acumen International.

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