Acumen International Attending the GPA Symposium 2022 in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin – September 22, 2022 – The Acumen International team is excited to participate in the Global Payroll Association’s HR & Payroll Leaders Symposium in Dublin, Ireland. It is an excellent opportunity to meet other global employment professionals, payroll industry leaders, and global payroll experts to discuss the challenges and future of the global payroll industry and to share insights.

Global Payroll Challenges 2022 and Solutions

Events in recent years have upended every aspect of global employment and business expansion, inspiring us to seek innovative solutions to meet the needs of our global clients. Topics at the HR & Payroll Leaders Symposium will cover:

  • How to change the face of Global Payroll through the use of data.
  • Top trends and issues of the Global Payroll evolution.
  • How to close skills and knowledge gaps to build the payroll industry’s future.

Our team is thrilled to meet Symposium speakers and communicate with experts. We are even more proud to present to our industry colleagues and global payroll professionals our innovative Global Payroll Calculator (GPC) – the powerful tool for accurate international payroll budgeting in 190 countries.

Changing Face of Global Payroll: News in First Person

The Global Payroll Association Symposium is a must-attend event for professionals aiming to stay ahead of the curve in the global payroll industry, an opportunity to hear from top speakers about the latest trends and developments in the field and get an insider’s and expert’s view of where the industry is headed.

Melanie Pizzey, the CEO of the Global Payroll Association, made a kick-off speech thanking all the Symposium participants for joining the GPA today to discuss the changing face of global payroll, what revolutionizes the industry, what’s next to come – and where we are all in it.

Melanie gave the stage to the Symposium’s key speakers.

I’ve never met payroll deps who are over-staffed. – says Mary Holland, Chief Customer Officer, Payslip. – They always ask for more people. In payroll, we always keep seeing to it that all is happening the way it should. Like at the hospital – when all the processes and people’s lives are under your control – same here, all payroll specialists work much more than their allocated hours would sustain control. So payroll is a profession, and the future’s in that.

Tiffany Appleby, ISVP, Alliances and Marketing, Immedis, concentrated on top ways to drive workplace happiness.

She talked about change management, technology adoption and the transition of payroll specialists into pay masters, as well as recognizing their important role for companies.

Tiffany mentioned:

Payroll experts have the data and so they can become the kings and queens of the payroll kingdom. And they can use the knowledge and the data they have to make recommendations to their clients about how they can grow by projecting their employee costs

Mary Holland (Chief Customer Officer, Payslip), P Simon Parsons (Director UK Compliance Strategies, SD Worx),Tiffany Appleby (SVP, Alliances and Marketing, Immedis),  Lisa Orton (Director, Vialto Partners) and Lee McIntyre- Hamilton, (Global Mobility and International Employment Tax, Keystone Law) discuss the challenges in the Global Payroll Industry.

In addition to attending the Symposium’s sessions, the Acumen team is looking forward to the GPA’s annual awards ceremony, where our team has been nominated for two prestigious awards:

  • Payroll Innovation Award 2022
  • Employer of Record Organization of the Year 2022

Check out our Linkedin posts to get real-time updates on the Symposium and the GPA Awards 2022 ceremony.

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