SIA 2021 Conference on Collaboration in the Gig Economy

Strategies for Tomorrow’s Global Workforce

Today’s gig economy has profoundly impacted the way we work on a global scale, enabling businesses to seek out the world’s top talent and engage them from afar. As leaders and innovators on the cutting edge of global employment solutions, Acumen International Is pleased to participate in the Staffing Industry Analysts 2021 Conference on Collaboration in the Gig Economy (SIA GigE 2021), to be held September 21-23 in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

The SIA Conference is an exciting opportunity for our team to contribute, learn and collaborate with some of the world’s foremost leaders in global HR. With massive economic shifts spawned by advances in technology and a pandemic-driven exodus from traditional work environments, businesses are scrambling to reinvent their work processes in ways that attract and retain a high-performing global workforce.

SIA GigE 2021 aims to explore the role of technology in global HR industry trends and to gain new market insights on innovations that drive growth in the global HR arena. As global HR market leaders, Acumen International, a global PEO and EOR service provider, plans to leverage this exciting opportunity to showcase our innovative services and turnkey solutions, designed to satisfy the needs of 21st-century businesses.

Acumen’s proven track record of providing fast and simple solutions to meet the HR needs of international businesses in 190 countries has enriched our team with the knowledge and experience that we are eager to share. Our solution for mitigating employment risks for companies without an established foreign entity has placed Acumen International at the forefront of global workforce innovation.

Acumen International founder and CEO Nick Ganzha attended the SIA 2019 event and had this to say about his experience:

“The conference gave us many insights on how the global economy is changing. My biggest takeaway was that the world economy and people’s attitudes about work are changing, and businesses need to think about that and capitalize on what is going on in the world. We simply need to ride the wave and be ready to help our clients adapt to the changing global business landscape.”

We are looking forward to participating in the 2021 SIA Conference, and to share our new insights with our readers. We invite you to learn more about SIA GigE 2021 and explore our website and follow us on social media.

Together, we look forward to building a sustainable people-oriented framework for managing the global workforce of the future.

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