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What is Expats Post Immigration Employment

When expanding overseas, many companies face the challenge of sending expatriate personnel abroad to provide on-site customer support, or to expand the company's operations in a foreign country. Obtaining a visa and work permit is one of the most complicated aspects of having expats work for you in a foreign country.

We have enhanced our Work Permits For Expats Foreign Employment solution to assist companies like yours with every aspect of obtaining business visas and work permits for your expats, and employing them on your behalf in over 190 countries. Our specialists will guide you through the cumbersome immigration process and provide advice on the documents required. Our solution relieves you of the hassle of dealing with the mountains of paperwork involved.

How Does Expats Post-Immigration Employment Through a PEO Work

Our immigration support and global employment solution for expatriates offer a viable alternative to directly hiring through your own foreign entity

What We Provide You With

To help onboard and legally compensate your expats overseas with minimal headaches, we can guide you through the documentation process and prepare all mandatory documents required to get a visa, work, and/or residence permit. Our one-stop-shop global PEO company will sponsor a work permit and arrange employment on the client’s behalf. By having a single provider sponsoring a work permit or visa on your behalf and employing your expats in the host country, you reduce the risk of visa rejection.

Leverage the extensive experience of Acumen’s team to expedite the immigration process for your expatriate personnel and have them employed through our global PEO in 190 countries of our coverage. Maximize your chances of permit/visa approval, rather than navigating the immigration process on your own. Contact our team to discuss your specific details, as there may be certain restrictions based on the employee’s position, salary, country of origin, and other factors.

Guidance through the application process for work permits and work visas
Assistance with documentation preparation and submission
Preparation of employment and payroll procedures, to help onboarding run smoothly after the receipt of a work permit or visa
Business invitation
Residency permits
Relocation support
(accommodations, family and dependent relocation, concierge services, and other needed support)

Important: Typically in most countries, the procedure of work permit issuance takes from 3 to 6 months until issuance.
Depending on your business objectives and the duration of the foreign assignments, you will need to designate the country where payroll will be arranged, and provide the necessary documents to make your employees eligible for work in a particular foreign country.

Work Permit
Duration Period< 3 months> 3 months
PayrollHome CountryTarget Country

Please Note: Acumen International is not an immigration service. We do not work with individuals who want to work overseas but serve companies that need to send their expats abroad. We do not provide any immigration support separate from our expat post-immigration employment and payroll solution, in any country. Our work permit and subsequent employment through a Global PEO solution is designed for employer companies who want to transfer selected expats overseas.

Additional Benefits of Our Global PEO Solution

Unlike other global PEOs, Acumen International can provide extra benefits to expats beyond work permits and employment. These employee benefits are often paid as mandatory allowances, based on local labor laws in some countries, or as a part of a voluntary compensation package created to retain top professionals.

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental treatment
  • Housing
  • Office rent
  • Mobile phone , laptop and car provision
  • Meet-and-greet
  • Business expenses processing
  • Administartion of business trips.
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