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Acumen Global PEO Solution for Hiring and Payrolling Expats Post-immigration in France

Are you looking for talent or support in France? Are you an international company that needs to relocate employees from Ukraine to France? Acumen International can help. Acumen’s comprehensive PEO and Payroll services will help you legally relocate your Ukrainian personnel. We will work closely with your company to ensure that all compliance regulations, requirements, and paperwork are completed and submitted accurately. Your Ukrainian employees can legally relocate to France while maintaining their social benefits and employment status.

Employing Expats in France via PEO

Shared borders with major Western European nations and proximity to the UK make France a highly desirable location for international companies in England and the European Union. But when it comes to getting boots on the ground for your expatriate employees, France’s protective labor laws can pose serious hurdles.

Acumen International provides international companies with easy-to-implement employment solutions in France and 190 countries worldwide. Whether you’re looking for immigration support for onboarding your expat employees in compliance with French labor laws, or you represent clients who need immigration support and employment services, Acumen can help.

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! Please Note: Acumen International does not provide immigration services to individuals who want to work overseas. We serve global businesses who need to send their expat employees abroad. We do not offer stand-alone immigration support in France apart from our Global PEO solution for expatriates’ post-immigration employment.

Relocating Your Ukrainian Expat Workforce to France

The war of Russia against Ukraine has disrupted normal immigration processes across the European Union, and temporary protective exceptions have been made for Ukraine refugees relocating to the EU. An interim emergency directive was set in motion by the EU Council on March 4, 2022, to support displaced persons from Ukraine in France and other EU member states, granting them a temporary right to stay and work in the country.

Ukrainian workers impacted by the directive have the right to legally remain in France for 90 days, after which time they may apply for an extension. Under the directive, Ukraine refugees are given full access to housing, health care, and the labor market.

Global Payroll Calculator

As the number of people working globally increases and companies face the expense of hiring international employees, you know it’s not easy to estimate how much it would cost to hire them. It takes days or weeks to get from your local providers up-to-date data on how much it will cost to hire in various countries. And are you sure the data is accurate?

This Global Payroll Calculator answer that problem. Get estimates on how much hiring will cost depending on where you want to hire. It helps you discover employer taxes, compare labor costs in multiple countries, and make smart decisions about where you should be engaging top global minds.

If your business needs to relocate its dispersed Ukrainian professionals, we encourage you to use our innovative Global Payroll Calculator. This unique online tool gives you quick and easy access to automated payroll and tax estimates for your global workforce in multiple countries. Estimate your employer burden in selected countries of interest in a matter of minutes, and compare countries to make quick and informed business decisions, to optimize the cost-efficiency of your business operations.

Visas and Work Permits for Expat Foreign Employment in France

Not only does France have its own highly protective labor laws that favor local employees over expats, but visa applicants must also adhere to regulations governing employment in the European Union. There may be additional COVID restrictions in place, and applicants are advised to check for the latest COVID information before traveling to France.

Under France’s 2-tiered immigration system, citizens from other EU countries are free to enter, live and work in France without restriction, with the same rights as French Nationals. Non-EU workers typically need to obtain a visa. This also applies to UK workers post-Brexit, since the UK is no longer part of the European Union.

Obtaining permission to immigrate to France and gaining the right to work is a multi-step process that demands careful adherence to both in-country and EU regulations. France is well known for its complex bureaucracy, with labor laws that change frequently. In addition, all communications and transactions related to the immigration process must be conducted in the French language.

Acumen’s solution for expats’ post-immigration employment is specially designed to support companies like yours with step-by-step services for compliantly engaging your expatriate workers in France.

Global PEO Solution

  • Immigration support to help the immigration process flow smoothly
  • Guidance through the application process for work permits and visas
  • Assistance with document preparation and submission
  • Help with onboarding, employment and payroll once the work permit and visa are obtained
  • Relocation support for your expats and their families post-immigration.

Learn more about the complexities of obtaining work permits for ex-pats hiring in France and alternative solutions offered by Acumen International that can dramatically simplify the immigration process and help get your operations underway without risking compliance violations.

Types of French Employment Visas

There are fundamentally three types of French visas for non-EU applicants seeking to work in France.

Short-stay visas in France

Short-stay visas are good for up to 90 days within 180 days. They fit for business, tourism, study, or short-term work. A short-stay visa could be a good solution if you only need your employee to remain in France for less than three months.

Temporary worker visas in France

Temporary worker visas are suitable for a period of up to one year. They can be used for non-EU workers transferring to a French branch of an international company and for highly skilled workers with advanced academic credentials.

Long-stay work visas in France

Long-stay work visas are typically granted to highly skilled talent and are suitable for four years. A long-stay visa also serves as a residence permit and includes the spouse and dependent children of the applicant. 

Visa Application Process a in France

For your employee to legally reside and work in France, your company must draw up a work contract and submit it to the local division of the French Ministry of Labor. You must also submit relevant applications for the employee’s accompanying spouse and dependents. A visa application can be filled out and submitted online and appropriate fees.

Once the work contract is approved, it is forwarded to the Office Francais de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration (OFII). Upon approval by the OFII, the contract is rerouted to the French embassy in the employee’s home country.

After the contract makes its way to the local French embassy, the applicant will be extended an invitation to appear in person for an interview. The employee should bring with them the following documents:

  • A current passport valid for at least three months after the anticipated travel date
  • A copy of the approved work contract
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Any supporting documentation relevant to the employee’s role while working in France

Upon arrival in France, the employee must register with the OFII.

Our team of global employment experts is ready to help you with your international hiring needs. We provide work permit sponsorship and immigration support to protect your business from potential liabilities when hiring expat workers in France.

! Partnering with Acumen International as your single provider to sponsor expat worker permits and visas and employ them on your behalf can simplify and accelerate the application process and reduce the risk of visa rejection!

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Benefits of Acumen’s Global PEO Solution for Employing Your Expat Workers in France, Post-Immigration

Acumen International’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solution aims to help companies like yours streamline your international workforce’s immigration and onboarding process in France and in 190 countries worldwide.

Our global employment solution lets you leverage our innovative global infrastructure without the need for your company setup. We can help you onboard, payroll, and manage unlimited employees across multiple countries via Acumen’s expat post-immigration PEO employment services in France.

Our global employment experts can also provide immigration support, to help streamline the immigration process for your selected candidates. We onboard, employ, and manage your expat employees on your behalf in France, dramatically reducing the risk of visa rejection.

! Please note that we do not offer immigration support as a stand-alone service. Acumen International serves as a single provider to sponsor work permits or visas for your expats’ subsequent employment in France via our Global PEO solution.

Acumen International, Your PEO of Choice in France

In a rapidly changing international business landscape, more companies than ever are leveraging Acumen’s expats post-immigration PEO employment solution in France and 190 countries around the globe. Acumen’s Global PEO solution for expat employment offers a viable and compliant alternative to hiring directly via your foreign entity.

By leveraging Acumen’s global employment solutions, you can secure the international mobility of your trusted expat workforce and employ them compliantly in 190 countries around the world.

Contact Acumen International today to get a quote, or use our unique Global Payroll Calculator to get all the information you need about payroll and taxes in selected countries where you plan to do business. Assess your employer’s burden in any world state in minutes from the convenience of your computer.

Our full-service global HR management solutions — from talent acquisition to onboarding, from compliance to payroll and taxation — are tailored around each client’s specific needs.

Acumen International’s unique and integrated approach allows us to offer a comprehensive array of EOR functions including:

  • Processing Immigration requirements,
  • Visa applications & extensions
  • Work permit sponsorships
  • Streamlined onboarding, benefits, payroll, PTO
  • Local labor law compliance
  • Audit-proof compliance requirements
  • Employee benefit management
  • Severance, termination, and compensation
  • Processing medical insurances and benefits
  • Payroll, including year-end tax statements
  • Relocation services
  • Statutory and voluntary benefits provision
  • Compensation management
  • Housing
  • Special needs and requirements
  • Multi-country hiring cost estimates without limitations
  • Handling contract worker or expat workforce management
  • Compliant incorporation or liquidation within 72 hours.

Partnering with Acumen International affords a quick, compliant expansion to capitalize on new global opportunities for your company. Acumen International’s International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) solution streamlines global expansion and, as your Employer of Record, oversees your risk mitigation, payroll, and compliance concerns to stay focused on your business performance.

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