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  3. Global PEO and payroll
  4. Work permit for hiring expats via PEO
  5. Contractor vs. employee: which is better?
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Global Employer of Record / EOR in Ukraine

Got Ukrainian workers who plan to go abroad fleeing the war started by Russia? Or employees who have already left Ukraine because of the war and found themselves in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia or any other European country?
Acumen International can help companies like yours, including IT, to compliantly employ your Ukrainian talent in foreign countries within days. Acumen’s global PEO and Payroll solution helps to legally onboard talent on-site or relocate your Ukrainian personnel so you can continue working with them as usual, no matter where they are based now. We will arrange global payroll for your employees and open bank accounts for them. Also, we can provide laptops, mobile phones, and anything the talent needs for work.

Global employment services

Businesses in the process of expanding globally often face challenges when it comes to compliantly onboarding employees in foreign countries. In most cases, legal compliance requires the establishment of a legal in-country business entity, a complex, costly and time-consuming process that many employers are not ready to undertake.

To help your organization legally onboard and payroll a workforce in Ukraine, Acumen International offers a global employment solution via our Global Employer of Record (EOR) designed to help you circumvent the legalities of direct hiring, eliminating the need for you to establish a legal entity in Ukraine in order to conduct business there.

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Employer of Record solution in Ukraine

Employer of Record is an integrated solution designed to help you hire and manage your remote employees in Ukraine, which includes:

  • familiarizing with the country’s employment legislation
  • onboarding of employees
  • payrolling employees on a monthly basis in local currency/ies
  • arranging for business visa and work permit if you need to employ expatriate personnel in Ukraine.

Acumen Employer of Record can promptly employ the selected candidate (or multiple prospects) on your behalf in Ukraine. We become your trusted partner and guide you through local labor laws thus eliminating:

  • any and all employment risks
  • the need to go into legislative specifics and set everything up on your own
  • all local labor issues.

Handing all these compulsory global employment processes to experts will spare your precious business hours for more strategic task solving.

Spotlight on Ukraine:

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west, Romania, Moldova, and the Black Sea to the south, Russia to the north-east, Belarus to the north.

  • Capital: Kyiv.
  • Population: 43,745,640 (July 2021).
  • Official languages: Ukrainian.
  • Local currency: Hryvnia (₴, UAH).
  • Labor force: 16.033 million (2017).
  • Industries: The Ukrainian manufacturing sector is dominated by heavy industries such as iron (Ukraine is the world’s sixth-largest producer of iron) and steel. The country is rich in mineral resources, mainly iron and magnesium, as well as in energy resources (coal and gas). Chemicals, mechanical products such as aircraft, turbines, locomotives, and tractors, and shipbuilding are also important sectors. The service sector employs over 65% of the workforce and contributes more than 1/2 of the GDP. The agricultural sector plays a significant role in Ukrainian economy. The main crops are cereals, sugar, meat, and milk.
  • Import/Export partners: Having strong trading relations with China, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Russia, Italy, Ukraine is one of the world’s largest exporters of grain (barley, corn supply, wheat). The most traded products are also rapeseed, sunflower seed oils, iron and iron products, insulated wiring, refined petroleum, cars, packaged medicines, coal, and natural gas.
  • Minimum wage: There is a national minimum wage. Starting from 1 December 2021, the minimum monthly wage is UAH 6,500. Mandatory salary caps apply to certain positions in the public sector.
  • 13, 14th salaries: Ukraine does not require a 13th-month salary, however many employers provide one. This bonus is considered a gratuity, and employers provide either that or other performance-based bonuses.

Employment in Ukraine

Ukrainian employers (all resident legal entities) must obtain work permits for foreign nationals who are either directly employed by them or seconded to Ukraine by foreign companies.

There is no special regime for foreign nationals working in Ukraine, although there is a general requirement for work permits. Such work permits legalize foreigners’ work activities and also gives them the full right to reside in Ukraine year-round by obtaining a work visa, or IM-1 visa.

It is important to know that the work permit is issued for a maximum term of one year and can be renewed for a similar term.

Employment Relationship Regulation in Ukraine
In Ukraine, there is a necessity of written employment contract. Types of employment agreements:

  • Fixed-term agreements, – any limitations, such as max duration or a number of fixed-term agreements. A fixed-term agreement can be signed only once, every following contact extension or additional fixed-term agreement will be classified as an indefinite agreement.
  • Indefinite term agreement.

In case of an employee leaving the company on his own will or by mutual agreement the final dismissal payment consists of:

  • payment for unused (accrued) vacation days
  • final month’s salary.

In case the employer terminates the employment the final payment consists of:

  • payment for unused (accrued) vacation days
  • 2 months salary (notice period)
  • 1-month compensation (severance).

Employ your Selected Workforce in Ukraine via Acumen’s Employer of Record / EOR Solution

Acumen’s Global employment services are designed to provide our clients with professional assistance to meet their global HR needs, such as:

  • Global talent acquisition and retention
  • Global expansion, to help you quickly enter new global markets without legal and HR compliance risks
  • Local support for international clients and their expat employees

Businesses desiring to hire local employees should be prepared to pay competitive salaries, to attract and retain the most qualified candidates. As a global employment organization, Acumen International serves both end employers and service companies representing international clients.

Acumen’s Employer of Record (EOR) service in Ukraine offers an efficient and inexpensive alternative to direct hiring. Our solution gives companies the opportunity to operate in Ukraine, and in 190 international markets where we serve our clients, without registering as a local business entity.

Legally Onboard and Payroll your Employees in Ukraine with Acumen’s Global Employment Solution

Reduce your risks while expanding your business, without establishing your own legal entity in Ukraine. Leave it to Acumen to hire and compensate your employees on your behalf, so you can focus on growing your business.

Acumen’s EOR global employment solution helps businesses to overcome legal challenges by hiring and compensating your local and expat workforce in Ukraine on your behalf, in a risk-free and cost-effective manner.

Partner with Acumen International, and let us help you handle your global employment and HR needs. You can trust Acumen to handle the global employment and HR details of your workforce management in Ukraine, to ensure full compliance with in-country employment laws and changing COVID-19 regulations.

In addition to legally onboarding local citizens, we are able to organize work permits and business visa sponsorship for your expatriate team via our Employer of Record, and employ them on your behalf, once legal permissions have been attained.

With Acumen, you can rest assured that all legal requirements are met for compliant hiring and compensating of your local and expatriate employees in Ukraine, and in 190 countries worldwide where we serve our international clients.

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